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Exploring the Power of Sacred Mirror Work: A Path to Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Updated: Feb 8

Mirrors have been used throughout the ages as a shamanic tool for self discovery, personal growth, transcending timelines, scrying, warding off negative energies, opening portals to new dimensions, and more... there is so much possible with mirror work, of which a large part are also very intricate and advanced shamanic techniques impossible to be shared in just one blog post. It requires years and lifetimes of devotional practice to attain and maintain these particular levels of Alchemy. However, One can also reach very potent transcending effects in using mirrors, with less intricate techniques;

In this blog post I will share the potency of Sacred Mirror Work, especially with the combination of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, and how to use mirrors to improve Your daily life and overall well being in a simple yet very powerful and effective manner.

mirror work with Genetic Key Code Alchemy

Sacred Mirror Work: A Road to the Essential Self

Every element encountered in this earthly plane can teach us something, or assist with something, or give something to Remember - to Remember who we truly are, what we are made of and where we come from.

All that exists in the Universe, is a part of Our True Nature - separated by the force of consciousness birthing a creation into physicality; and so becoming visible, hearable, touchable and tastable to our senses. For if All were One - right here on Earth - there would be no need to sense anything, as all would be identical within itself and in no need of differentiation.

We sense, we see, we hear, we touch, we taste, as to Remember the diversity of Creation, the Beauty of the Vastness and the Infinite Potential to ReUnite ever stronger, ever more.

And so, in the vastness of all elements, there are those elements that reflect - whether it is a mirror, a metal, a water surface, ... - and "reflection" shows us what is "real" in a specific moment. It shows us what/who/where we are in that very point of being. It shows us a momentary version of what is and of what is possible, so we can contemplate and deepen our inner awareness.

A reflecting element is a very powerful tool for the actualization of inner alchemy, self reflection, personal growth and transformation through this option of conscious contemplation - if and when used in an intentional manner.

Reflection allows us to Be*All*And*See (B-Al-An-Ce)
That which is True and Essential for Authentic Evolution.

Your Every Day Mirror is a Sacred Tool

One way to work with this powerful reflective element, is to use any mirror You have at home; the one in Your bathroom, in the hallway, your car's rear view mirror or the little pocket mirror in Your handbag.

Implement a daily intentional practice of simply looking in the mirror and learning to truly SEE Your Self. Your True Self. Your Essential Self. Looking at Yourself and into Your own eyes with intention, can activate remembrance of Your higher potential as well as release obstacles towards the achievement thereof.

Seeing Your whole self - the "good" and the "bad" - allows You to cultivate unconditional love - within and without. And within this deeper Love, You can upgrade; You can grow and evolve. You can become more empowered, and so realize Your True Heart's dreams and desires.

Use this exercise as a template for daily Sacred Mirror Work - You can adjust it to Your personal requirements;
  1. Choose a moment in the day to take a breath - whether this is just 2 minutes or up to half an hour, morning or evening or anywhere in between - and look into a mirror. Look at Your Self; Your body, Your face, Your eyes. Explore the Vision You See and Simply observe what is.

  2. Feel what arises; do You feel happy with what You see? Do you feel sad? Angry? Excited? Neutral? Joyful? Do You feel Love? Fear? No matter what You are feeling; allow it to be felt. Allow all feelings or emotions to be recognized as a part of Existence. Without judgement; as no matter their nature, they are important, and they are here to support Your personal growth. Accept Your true feelings.

  3. Say "Thank You". To whichever feeling or emotion that arises. To whichever body part triggers or pleases. Allow Your Self to appreciate all which shows itself and remember that feelings are just energies in motion wanting to be recognized, they want to be seen and felt, they want to be a part of the Whole. Especially when it comes to negative feelings; ignoring them will only reinforce their stubbornness and obstructive impact on Your well being. Say "Thank You" to their presence; as this allows them to keep moving into a more balanced state, instead of stagnating and creating obstacles. Often with intense emotions, merely the acceptance thereof softens the experience therein. And within this softening, One can learn to understand their origin and so discover deeper layers of One's consciousness.

  4. Confirm Your True Heart by saying positive affirmations. Inspired by the feelings You experienced and acknowledged, create a positive affirmation. For example: "I Am Love" - "I Am Beautiful" - "I Am abundant" - "I Am Self Empowered and Capable of Creating ..." - "I Am One within My Higher Potential and I Am Open to Receive All Which Serves My Higher Potential" - ... Create an affirmation that resonates with Your Heart in that moment, and repeat it 3 x 3 times whilst looking into the deepest depth of Your Eyes; into Your Essence. Say the affirmation with power and faith, even when You don't believe it; repeating it every day with the power of three, will upgrade Your being step by step, to eventually not only believe in it but also SEE it transforming Your Self and Your Life.

  5. End this practice by closing Your eyes and taking three deep breaths. Imagining the affirmation becoming anchored into Your Heart and all the cells of your body. Every deep breath in strengthens Your energy and gives You courage and clarity to move forward on Your Authentic Journey. Every deep breath out releases all which no longer serves. And So It Is.

Genetic Key Code Mirrors Offer Automatic Upgrades

Practicing Sacred Mirror Work as described above is already a powerful contemplation for self realization. However, there are even more effective and beneficial ways to use mirrors for Your overall well being.

In 2018, I created the Araina Genetic Key Code Mirrors containing very specific extra elements (both physical as metaphysical) that reinforce the effect of this Sacred Mirror Work, as well as offer an automatic upgrade - even without doing the exercise as described above.

The Araina Genetic Key Code Mirrors™ have specific shapes, colors and metaphysical properties that support deeper self discovery and the raising of One's consciousness, as well as warding off negative vibrations and bringing more Grace and Harmony into the environment. Each mirror is also handmade by myself, in deep love and care, and infused with Essential Yahrin Prayers before it is shipped - worldwide - to Your Sanctuary.

Araina Genetic Key Code Mirror of Respect

The potent Genetic Key Codes engraved in these mirrors are, one could say: "very fine-tuned positive affirmations". A Genetic Key Code is a living energy of very high Purity, moving within infinite dimensions, which acts similar to quantum entanglement. Once You choose to connect with the code, it will reflect Your ever evolving Higher Potential and so continuously assist You in upgrading Your consciousness and overall well being.

For example; if You choose to work with the Araina Mirror of Respect (image left), it will help You to embody ever deeper levels of Respect within Yourself and so create an environment wherein You will attract and experience more Respect in the outside world. As the inner world supports the experience of the outer world.

How to use a Genetic Key Code Mirror

1. Home Decoration

Simple yet so incredible effective; hanging the Araina Mirrors in Your Home instantly upgrades the vibration of the space. So many customers have sent me messages of gratitude, saying that they feel more love, more grace, more clarity in their homes, a higher vibration, since they added one or more Genetic Key Code Mirrors in their interior. The reasoning of this effect is; a Mirror both reflects what is and is a Portal to the unknown beyond. A Mirror with a Genetic Key Code on it acts as a Guardian, a Protector; making sure that the energy transmitted from the beyond into the room is of the highest purity and highest benefit. It also assures that any negative energies present in the space are transmuted into Higher Love, and positive energies are reflected more expansively.

The play of mirror and light within the Genetic Key Codes makes that this alchemization of the energy in the room is constant. It works day and night, whether One is actively working with the Mirror or not; it is always active within itself, continuously clearing, purifying and upgrading the space it resides within.

The effective radius of a Genetic Key Code Mirror is about about 10 meters (33 feet), and the more One interacts with the Mirror, through connecting One's consciousness within the Code, the more strong the effect within this radius, and eventually the radius will also expand beyond 10 meters.

2. Mirror Meditation

Similar to the exercise described above, One can perform a Mirror Meditation with a Genetic Key Code Mirror. The difference is that One does not necessarily have to add an affirmation, as the affirmation is automatically confirmed through the Code itself. The Code is the affirmation that is spoken within the deeper metaphysical layers of the subconscious.

It is recommended to perform a Mirror Meditation with a Genetic Key Code Mirror for at least three up to thirty-three minutes; wherein One gazes in the mirror - through the Code - into One's Eyes. Imagining the Code to become One within the Self and merge deeply within every cell of One's Being.

During a Mirror Meditation, One may feel guided to look at different parts of the code in different moments or days. One may experience the Code becoming "alive"; making it to move and shift as to assist different parts of One's consciousness. One will start seeing and feeling new things the more One connects with the code, as each Code contains ever evolving activation, therefore One can have various experiences and insights with the same Genetic Key Code Mirror.

It is recommended to do this Mirror Meditation always in times of three days in a row; 3 days, 6 days, 9 days maximum - then take a break. Genetic Key Code Alchemy works more potently with the repetition of three; as this ensures a beneficial embodiment of the upgrade taking place.

3. Shape Influences Vibration

The Araina Genetic Key Code Mirrors  have multiple shapes which influence the vibration in a slightly different manner. It is recommended to follow Your intuition in choosing a shape (as well as the specific Code on the mirror) - as Your Heart knows best which shape it needs to take the next step on Your Authentic Path.

Araina Genetic Key Code Mirror - Core Key Codes
Circular Mirror

A Circle is the most ideal geometrical form - limitless in its capacity - endless in its creation: representing Infinity, Unity, Wholeness, Grace and Purity.

A Circular Genetic Key Code Mirror is a powerful tool to bring higher vibrations of Unity and Higher Love into the space and into One's Consciousness. 

The boundless flow ignited by this most divine form - combined with the mirror element and Genetic Key Code alchemy - creates effortless movement throughout the room and within One's Being, upgrading all which no longer serves. It brings light to the darkness, as it enforces an energy that moves like water; breaking through stagnation and always finding a possibility where there was none before.

The Circular Genetic Key Code Mirrors  will bring Thé Essence in Your Home, they will cleanse, clear and purify, as well as connect You within True Love on all levels.

Mandorla Mirror

"Mandorla" is the shape formed in the middle of a Vesica Piscis geometry -

Where two identical circles are intertwined in their centre points:

mandorla in vesica piscis

Mandorla shapes have been used throughout history, to represent a sacred moment that "transcends time and space". 


The Vesica Piscis is the perfect geometrical form of opposites uniting, the masculine and feminine equality forming a portal to birth the New. The Mandorla is the sacred centre of the Vesica Piscis, the Divine Womb wherein Creation takes place; wherein the Transcendence, the Higher Truth, the True Unity, exists.

Araina Mirror of Honor - Mandorla Mirror

One can see how an Araina Mandorla Mirror, combined with the Genetic Key Codes, offers a powerful vibration of balance and harmony, inspiring those who look into the mirror within Sacred Mirror Work to equalize the inner opposites towards deeper inner peace.

Mandorla Mirrors also beneficially affect the space, room or environment towards True Community - for the Benefit of the Whole.

The Mandorla Genetic Key Code Mirrors serve as Guardians. Guardians of the deeper Truth that lies within, and they ignite Essential Rebirth towards One's Higher Potential.

Reflective Conclusion

Ariana Genetic Key Code Mirrors are one of the most powerful alchemical tools in Sacred Mirror Work for self reflection, personal growth, transformation and raising the vibration of a space or an environment.

Whenever I travel, move, host a retreat or offer a ceremony; the very first thing I do is hanging at least one mirror in the centre of the space. This always instantly clears, cleanses and upgrades the field so I can focus more deeply and feel grounded to live my best life and offer my best service.

Many customers who offer any kind of healing practice, say their clients have been able to receive deeper, surrender more graciously and breathe better since they have included the Genetic Key Codes in their space. Go have a look at the Araina Mirror Collection and See Your Higher Potential becoming reflected on all levels.

I look forward to hear Your experience!

Within Honor and Respect, AhnėYah Yahrin



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