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Circular Mirrors

A Circle is the most ideal geometrical form - limitless in its capacity - endless in its creation: representing Infinity, Unity, Wholeness, Grace and Purity.

A Circular Genetic Key Code Mirror is a powerful tool to bring higher vibrations of Unity and Higher Love into the space and into One's Consciousness. 

The boundless flow ignited by this most divine form - combined with the mirror element and Genetic Key Code alchemy - creates effortless movement throughout the room and within One's Being, upgrading all which no longer serves. It brings light to the darkness, as it enforces an energy that moves like water; breaking through stagnation and always finding a possibility where there was none before.

The Circular Genetic Key Code Mirrors will bring The Essence in Your Home, they will cleanse, clear and purify, as well as connect You within True Love on all levels.

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