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Gold Line

Grow, Transform, Expand.



The metaphysical properties of Gold invoke spiritual growth and transformation, due to its high ductility and conductivity; it can be formed into any shape without loosing its essence and purity, and it can transmit energy from one space to another.


Gold is a symbol of Wisdom and Divinity, and is related to the Sun; representing Power, Source, Radiance, Warmth, All-ness and Essential Opulence. 


The Essence of Gold allows One to remember and reconnect within One's Inner Wisdom, within One's deepest inner knowing; the Truth of One's Heart. And so it stimulates and motivates to attain and maintain One's Higher Potential within every moment. Gold supports growth and evolution on all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and ethereal.


Gold is the most activating element to guide One's Being from one dimension to another; allowing One to See  a higher perspective and so transcend into an expanded state of Abundance on any level.

Gold activates Self Empowerment through Authentic Connection within the All That Is; and so supports an ever deeper surrender of the ego - of any imbalance, fear or worry - and unifies One within the Sacred Heart. It is an element that is known to resist corrosion and tarnishing; thus making sure that the ego stays in alignment with One's Higher Knowing and Innerstanding.


The Araina Essence - Gold Line holds the five Genetic Core Key Codes; which each oversee each one of the five bodies that are present in the current Human Experience: The Spiritual, the Emotional, the Mental, the Physical and the Ethereal Body. The Genetic Core Key Codes hold space for each of these bodies to become more balanced, as to so transcend into their higher potential, ever more - within graceful evolution.


The Gold Essences are the most gentle to work with, out of all the Araina Essences;


The Gold Essences embrace You within a wide and expansive field; allowing more space and time for You to progress in moderation. The Gold Essences give a warm hug, supporting Your Growth and Evolution by gently reminding You of Your inherent Wisdoms towards beneficial metamorphosis.


The other Araina Essences (of the Silver and Copper Line) work within a more specific intention; through which they will focus deeper within the sublayers of One's Consciousness and therefor guide stronger towards One's hidden blind spots and illusions - as to awaken, activate and heal. 

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