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Essence Sets

Embrace All That Is.

Working with the Araina Essences and embracing the Genetic Key Codes ever deeper within the Essential Remembrance of One's Heart, will invoke ever deeper InJoyment.

The Araina Essence sets are carefully curated to help you experience the full range of benefits that the Araina Essences can provide.

When you combine essences in sets, you'll not only save money but also unlock new levels of insight and understanding, whilst having them upgrade the vibration of Your Home due to their combined strength creating a powerful field of Purity and Grace

It is highly recommended to place the Araina Essence Sets on an Araina Purity Station™ as to keep them unified and empowered within the Yahrin Frequencies - allowing them to stay within their high vibration for as long as You have them and feel to work with them. (Not keeping the Essences on a Purity Station will decrease their potency slowly over time)

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