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Araina Prayer Plates

The Garden is excited to introduce a new alchemy creation, called The Genetic Key Code Prayer Plates ™  :


Prayer Plates are wooden plates engraved with the Genetic Key Codes, and on the backside the Prayer (Activation Affirmation) belonging to the specific Genetic Key Code. 

The Araina Prayer Plates can be used during meditation, prayer, ceremony, ... and are very efficient as upgrading and energy-cleansing coasters or placemats for foods and liquids, as well as crystals, essences, essential oils, and any other sacred items.

The Genetic Key Codes rapidly upgrade any liquid or crystal form; allowing One to infuse for example One's daily water with highly attuned prayers, to so beneficially influence One's DNA and overall well being on all levels.

Each Araina Prayer Plate is hand- and homemade by AhnėYah Yahrin, and infused with Yahrin Quantum Prayers for each individual customer before they are shipped to You worldwide.



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