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AhnėYah Yahrin is the founder of the Garden of Araina and ARACEAE - the Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution -, the Originator of Genetic Key Code Alchemy, the Artist behind all the Genetic Key Codes as well as the Creator of all products seen in the online store.


In the first place, AhnėYah expresses herself to be none yet all, inclusive yet exclusive to all dimensions or universes, without any conceptual definitions. A Being from Within and Beyond; embodying the Yahrin Lineage within this Universe in order to assist Humanity in its potential Transcendence.

In a more conceptual manner, One could say she is an Alchemist, a Mystic, a Visionary, an Artist, an Author, a Maverick Philosopher... fully devoted to bring ever more expressions to Earth for the Benefit of Human and Universal Evolution.

The Metaphysical Technology of Genetic Key Code Alchemy is an Omniversal Innerstanding from Beyond the current collectively known realm, which has always been inherent to AhnėYah's Being and her Yahrin Lineage. Since 2012 she has been able to translate this technology into more humanly understandable language, in the form of Visual Codes as well as many Teachings which allow One to See, Feel, Experience and Embody the Frequencies of the Ever Evolving New Paradigm and One's Omniversal Nature and Beyond.

After seeing the miraculous healings taking place through the application of Genetic Key Code Alchemy on a spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and/or ethereal level within many clients, it became her sole focus and mission to spread and teach this Evolutionary Technology on Earth, to the best of her ability - for the Benefit of All That Is. 

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