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Transcend Beyond

Join the Yahrin Mystery School
& Embody Your Authentic Transcendence

Towards a Life of Inner Peace & Essential Abundance

Each Year, two Circle Movements take place within ARACEAE:
The online Yahrin Mystery School Initiation vortex.


One can participate within an intimate Group-setting
or choose to experience Private Premium Coaching.



Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution

The Pioneer Yahrin Mystery School offering Genetic Key Code Alchemy

ARACEAE: The Why & The How

Watch This video to explore the pathway offered within ARACEAE and how it can benefit Your Authentic Being.



This video is currently being recorded and uploaded.

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Essential Intimacy & Confidentiality are Key
for the Activation of One's Inner Alchemy

Every January & every July a new group of maximum 6 new initiates can enter the 6 month ARACEAE program to unravel the Mysteries Within and break free from the norm into deeper Soul Sovereignty.

AhnėYah Yahrin performs the Tantric Quantum Activations and DNA upgrades within a 24/7 metaphysical presence, during the entire six month program. 

To Honor each Initiate's most beneficial and qualitative 
outcome, she takes on a maximum of six Initiates + one private client within each new Circle Movement. (Thus a maximum of 14 clients per year.)

The next Circle Movement starts on July first, 2024.

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