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Araina Haven

Exclusive Membership

A Safe Haven for Your Authentic Evolution

Araina Haven is a supportive & uplifting space, providing a solid anchor point where You can Dock Your Ship & Step on Land - to find Grounding Nurturing for Your Authentic Embodiment. 

Araina Haven Members have access to exclusive online content:

* 2 Collective Key Code Readings per month offering Clear Guidance and Inspiration during the constant movements in Life - within as well as without.

a graceful guide to reconnect with Your True Breath & Inner Peace; holding guided meditations through the five Genetic Core Key Codes, a Journal and a Planner to
Stay Pure & Aligned.

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& allow Your Authentic Being to Expand Beyond.




* A Space of Grace & Inner Peace.

* A Space of Evolution & Freed*Ohm.

* A Space of Sovereign Embodiment.

to the Exclusive content:

Araina Haven - Monthly Membership



Every month

Join with monthly installments, cancel any time

Valid until canceled

World Peace starts with Inner Peace

Genetic Key Code Alchemy is here to activate True Inner Peace within
A Graceful and Ever Evolving Presence - for the Benefit of All.

"AhnėYah is a true channel, pure mirror, compassionate and patient

being that really brings through the messages the codes are sharing with

depth and lightness. I always feel upgrades pouring through and my being experiencing waves of bliss, joy and pure excitement for the journey. 

These Codes and Readings are truly next level, Thank You for

the gift of your purity, grace and clarity."

Clara, USA

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Included in Your Membership

Collective Genetic Key Code Readings
Navigate Graciously Through Life

Frequency: 2 readings a month + 1 extra every Equinox & Solstice

Duration: 45 min to 1 hour each

A Genetic Key Code Reading is a quantum activational transmission of the collective energies, based on Genetic Key Code Alchemy; originally created by AhnėYah Yahrin.


As we are rapidly ascending as a collective - these readings bring a lot of clarity in how and why things are evolving, and give guidance in how to stay balanced and aligned during the shifts that are constantly taking place; both within your own personal and individual experience, as within Your daily life experience in the world. Even though they are collective transmissions, many experience them each time as a deep personal session.


Collective Yahrin Transmissions
Embrace Your Inner Mystic

Frequency: 2 transmissions a month

Duration: 3 minutes each

A Yahrin Transmission is an alchemical transmission in spoken sound combinations, based on the Yahrin frequencies that AhnėYah channels. When listening to these sounds in a meditative state, You will be able to receive the upgrades of the Yahrin Transmission and realign Your spiritual, emotional mental and physical body to more Ease, Balance and Grace as they help You to release the stuck energies in Your system that no longer serveConnecting within these Transmissions will also help You to reconnect within Your Inner Mystic and strengthen Your Intuition.


Araina Metamorphose Course
Anchor In A New & Pure Structure

Frequency: print out the journal/workbook at any given time and use as many times as you feel like

Duration: this course can be adjusted to do in 18 days or 6 weeks

This is an exclusive Genetic Key Code Alchemy Course based on the five Genetic Core Key Codes. You Receive:

- 5 Genetic Core Key Codes: images & affirmations

- 5 Guided Meditations with healing solfeggio 

- 1 Combined Guided Meditation of more than 1 hour peaceful relaxation.

- A downloadable/printable journal & daily planner to sail away on Your Authentic Journey with the Core Key Codes at any given time.

This course has become a daily meditation practice for many - offering a deep sense of trust, relaxation and clarity.



& allow Your Authentic Being to Be Celebrated.

Araina Haven - Monthly Membership



Every month

Join with monthly installments, cancel any time

Valid until canceled

Spend more Quality Time with Your True Self


  • Improve Your Self Care with a New Meditative Practice

  • Reconnect with the Voice of Your Heart & Intuition

  • Find Courage & Empowerment to Be Your most Gracious Self

  • Receive Confirmation & Guidance to make positive changes

  • Find inspiration in a New Philosophy that supports Your Authentic Embodiment

  • Replenish Your Heart within Pure Essential Remembrance & Come Home to You

  • Learn how to benefit from Collective movements, instead of being overwhelmed

  • Find inspiration to build rebuild towards a Life that reflects more Abundance

  • Create a Life that is in deep Alignment & Devotion to who You Truly Are

  • Connect within the Sacred Unified Heart & grow within realms beyond the mundane

"I love following the meditations of the Metamorphose Course, they always bring me an instant sense of inner peace."

Polina, USA

Portrait of Smiling Businesswoman

Your Sacred Safe Haven
Your Space of Grace

Beautiful, easy to use, inspiring and accessible.

When You join You will receive instant access to the Araina Haven exclusive content where You'll be able to:

  • Access 5 powerful meditations that bring a strong sense of nurturing and Inner Peace

  • Listen to the collective readings & be inspired to Grow and Evolve Beyond any limitation

  • Connect with the 5 Core Key Codes and learn how to use them for a deeper Daily Balance

  • ​Access the Haven on your phone with a smooth mobile experience - just like an app!

  • Print out an inspiring Journal and Daily Planner to support Your Metamorphosis

MetaJournal example.jpg

Download Your Metamorphose Journal and Daily Planner for a smooth transition towards Higher Balance!

Journalling calms the mind, brings deeper Gratitude for what is and motivates to keep Your Focus on that which You want to See become realized.

With Your Araina Haven Membership You can download and print out a beautiful journal and daily planner to support Your Authentic Journey.



& allow Your Authentic Being to Be at Ease.

Araina Haven - Monthly Membership



Every month

Join with monthly installments, cancel any time

Valid until canceled

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