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Tatau Ceremony Grace


I experienced the Tattoo Activation Initiation from dear AhnéYah as a truly deep and rich process. A magical gift from the universe. The initiation opened myself up to deeper layers of myself, which I didn’t even knew were closed. During the process old fears and pains came up that I could release. The fear of committing to myself, to my path or the fear of not knowing the end result, trying to control.
At the end I am so grateful for the whole experience and initiation. AhnéYah has the ability to connect deeply with your being and create space for you to open yourself up to your true heart’s gift. This connected me deep to my own core and that, I realized,is not something for the faint hearted. To truly step into your own greatness is quite something... The Tattoo Activation is a powerful reminder for me of this, and something I will carry lovingly for the rest of my life.​​

Sanne, The Netherlands - Testimonial 2016

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