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Mandorla Mirrors

"Mandorla" is the shape formed in the middle of a Vesica Piscis geometry -

Where two identical circles are intertwined in their centre points:


Mandorla shapes have been used throughout history, to represent a sacred moment that "transcends time and space". 


The Vesica Piscis is the perfect geometrical form of opposites uniting, the masculine and feminine equality forming a portal to birth the New. The Mandorla is the sacred centre of the Vesica Piscis, the Divine Womb wherein Creation takes place; wherein the Transcendence, the Higher Truth, the True Unity, exists.

One can see how a Mandorla Mirror, combined with the Genetic Key Codes, offers a powerful vibration of balance and harmony, inspiring those who look into the mirror within Sacred Mirror Work to equalize the inner opposites towards deeper inner peace.

Mandorla Mirrors also beneficially affect the space, room or environment towards True Community - for the Benefit of the Whole.

The Araina Mandorla Mirrors serve as Guardians. Guardians of the deeper Truth that lies within, and they ignite Essential Rebirth towards One's Higher Potential.

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