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What to expect ...

A Genetic Key Code Tatau Ceremony is a transformational experience like no other. This metaphysical surgical process involves a quantum activation wherein we can discover Your ever evolving Essence.

Our team of Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemists ensures that all will be very well-prepared to take You through the process step by step in a secure and safe environment. Within an intimate atmosphere, we help You explore the depths of Your True Being that goes beyond the physical plane and will leave You feeling truly transformed, reborn and newly empowered.

For this reason, a Tatau Ceremony takes place within a minimum of one and a half days; where the first day will lay the base for the deeper metaphysical surgery of the actual Tatau experience in order to guarantee a smooth tattoo experience that begins on the second day. See below for a detailed breakdown:

Day One

10 am 

You arrive at the Araina Sanctuary (Antwerp, Belgium); where You will be received in a private and serene environment with some fresh tea and healthy snacks.

10:30 am to 11:30 am

You receive Your Personal Genetic Key Code Reading (with audio recording); this will prepare the base layer for the deeper surgery during the Tatau Ceremony. This reading also helps with strengthening Your Intention and Clarifying any energies for a more smooth Activation. 
Through this reading You will receive Your Personal Key Code Chart with further detailed information on Your Alignment Process, as well as a personalized Araina Essence Bottle for support during the Ceremony and in the integration period.

11:30 am to 2 pm

After the Reading You will be able to reflect and integrate, comfortably with some refreshments, and look through the portfolio of all available Genetic Key Codes; in order to make Your choice of design.

Here, One is guided to feel within One's Heart which Code Calls the strongest, purely by looking at the visual image. One will also be able to read all information about each Code and AhnėYah will also be present to offer deeper meaning wherever needed and guide One to make the best decision and possible combinations for One's Authentic Being.

After choosing the Code(s) You will decide where on the body you would like to embody this Code(s). AhnėYah will be present to offer guidance and clarity as to which places on the body would be most beneficial for Your chosen Code, both esthetically as energetically, as well as present multiple ways of how Your Code could be enlarged or transformed to fit practically almost anywhere on Your Unique Body and therefore offer the most beautiful and beneficial outcome on all levels, especially for You.
One receives maximum 2,5 hours to choose the design and placement; as the Heart already knows and feels what is best very quickly. When One would have longer time to decide, the mind would start to interfere and the process would be disrupted. Choosing the Code(s) after the Reading is therefor the most Clear Opportunity for One to make the most beneficial decision.

2 pm to late evening

Once the design is chosen, You will be asked to retrieve to Your Hotel for further solitude and integration and/or enjoy the beautiful medieval city of Antwerp and have an early night sleep to be well rested for the next day

During the rest of the afternoon and evening Your Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist will be:

1. Preparing the stencil of Your chosen design (made by hand)

2. Make Your detailed Genetic Key Code Chart document - which supports deeper clarification and integration

3. Make Your personal Araina Essence bottle for deeper activation and integration for a total of at least three weeks after Your ceremony.

4. Prepare the Ceremony room for Your exclusive experience.

Day Two

9 am 

After a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast, the Tatau Ceremony starts at 9am. Depending on the size and detail of Your Code, as well as the development of Your Unique Ceremony, the length of this experience will vary. This is not like a normal tattoo session where size equals time; each person is different and even very experienced souls can have a completely different experience during a Tatau Ceremony when it comes to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sensations. These sensations can already take place before the actual tattooing begins, and/or continue after the Ceremony has completed - this is unique to each person.

AhnėYah holds space for Your optimum Care; meaning that there will be time to breathe, to relax, to stretch as well as moving through any kind of emotional, mental or spiritual processes that may arise. It is important One honors this space for One's Self as well, in order to allow the Activation to take place in absolute Ease and Grace. (When certain processes would be suppressed it would be impossible to finish the Metaphysical Surgery and therefor the Tatau Ceremony.)

During this time healthy organic refreshments and nourishments will be offered whenever necessary. As well as a relaxing musical background in a beautiful intimate, private, cozy and sacred ceremony space.

Depending on One's Intention and the chosen Code(s), this Ceremony can last from two hours up to several days. Yet One can generally expect for one chosen Gylded Genetic Key Code Tatau to be finished in one or two days of Tatau Ceremony (up to max. 8 hours of Ceremony per day)

After the Tatau Embodiment is completed, a closing ritual will be performed to seal the Activation. As the Ceremony is closed, AhnėYah will give all necessary information to integrate the Activation as well as how to take care of One's tattooed skin in the best way. One will receive this information through word as well as in a written document to take home. In this document a detailed explanation of the embodied Gylded Genetic Key Code and its meaning/working and affirmation will also be included for future reference. 

EXTRA FREE GIFT: One will also receive a home made 100% natural and organic Araina Tatau Cream infused with the Key Code Essences for an optimal healing of the skin and integration of the Activation.

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Embrace Your Heart and Treat Your Essence the Embodiment You deserve;

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