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Practical directions to administer
the Araina Essences

There are many types of essences worldwide.

The most known are the variety of flower essences.

When it comes to the Araina Essences of the Genetic Key Codes; it is important to recognize their strong embodiment and transcendence properties - wherein they differ from f.e. flower essences, which work more solely on the energetic planes. To attain the highest benefits of these particular essences, please follow the advise as given below.

Your Araina Essence stock bottle can be used in multiple ways for various purposes. You can choose to use the Essence straight from the stock bottle, or  further dilute into dosage bottles to enjoy a longer term use.

Diluting the Essences will not diminish their potency; the more diluted the more they will permeate into the invisible layers of One's Consciousness, the less diluted the more instantly the results will be felt in the physical plane.

Storage of the Araina Essences

* The Araina Essences are a highly fine-tuned alchemical elixir. Their frequency is very pure and strong, which makes that they will stay pure and activated within their potency for about three months - without being stored in a sacred space. Going from 100% to about 50% in the third month - depending on how You hold and use them.

When You choose to dilute the Essence, it is very possible that You will be able to InJoy Your stock bottle for much longer than three months. To make sure the Essence does not gradually decrease in its potency, it is recommended to place them on the Araina Purity Station. This will keep them pure and activated 100% for as long as You have them - and simultaneously this Mirror will keep the space and Your entire room clear from negative energies.

Using directly from stock

* The Araina Essences can be taken directly from the stock bottle (the form in which most essences are sold). Before each use, turn the bottle upside-down three times to awaken the Essence.

* Place 3 drops under the tongue, or in a little water. This dosage is recommended to be taken one to maximum four times daily. One can also take 12 drops once daily.

* Within severe situations One can take one to three drops extra under the tongue or in water/juice - make sure to not overuse and keep trusting the process.

Diluting into a dosage bottle

Fill your dosage bottle with 3/4 purified water and 1/4 of a 40% alcohol substance (f.e. Rum, Brandy, ...) for preservation purposes. You can use cider vinegar or glycerin if alcohol is not an option. The dosage bottle can also be prepared with no preservative if it is refrigerated, or used in a short period of time (several days to a week).

Add 12 drops of the stock bottle for every 10 ml of your dosage bottle.

After screwing the lid on tight, turn the bottle three times; now it is ready for use. This dosage bottle will stay activated for a maximum of three weeks.
It is recommended to turn the bottle three times before each use.

Glass bottles and droppers are recommended, since plastic may adversely affect the subtle qualities of these natural plant remedies. It is best to use new bottles for new combinations of essences to ensure the cleanliness and clarity of the vibrational patterns.

Mixing the Essences in Your daily drinking water

* In a large drinking bottle: You can mix 12 drops of the stock bottle or up to maximum 3 x 12 drops of your dosage bottle in your water bottle. Turn the bottle 3 times to activate the water within the Essences. Sip throughout the day. It is recommended to turn the bottle 3 times before each use to keep the Essences activated.

* In a glass of water, juice or luke warm tea: after adding the desired amount of drops, stir 3 times clockwise to activate the Essence, then drink. It is recommended to not add the Araina Essence to hot/boiling water; wait until the water is luke warm before adding the Essence - otherwise it could evaporate too quickly.

Recommended maximum usage

* From Your Stock Bottle: Please use a maximum of 12 drops daily, with a minimum of 1 drop at a time.

* From Your Dosage Bottle: Please use a maximum of 24 drops daily, with a minimum of 3 drops at a time.

With all Araina Essences it is recommended to use a specific Essence for a time period of exactly three weeks on a daily basis, followed by an integration time of at least three days. This is to allow the activations to take place properly and be embodied solidly and securely in Your system for the highest beneficial results. After the three integration days, You can use the same Essence for another three weeks, followed by three days of integration,  and so forth. It is possible to overlap the use of different Essences, however it is recommended to never use more than three Araina Essences simultaneously; in order to prevent informational overload.

Using a spray bottle

1. Prepare as You would a dosage bottle. (See description above.) Please use a glass spray bottle to maintain optimum potency.

2. Rather than taking the drops internally, spray the mixture around the body and in the environment. 

3. Turn the bottle 3 times before each application to sustain potency.

Use in Baths

1. Add one full dropper of Your stock bottle or 3 full droppers of Your dosage bottle to a normal-sized bath tub of warm water.

2. Stir the water in a lemniscatory (figure-eight) - in three full motions - to help awaken the Essences in the water.

3. Soak in this solution for a minimum of 20 minutes. Pat the skin gently dry, and then rest quietly or go to sleep to continue to absorb the subtle qualities of the Essences.

Use in a diffuser

Mix one full dropper of Your stock bottle or 3 full droppers of Your dosage bottle in the water tank of Your diffuser, together with Your favorite essential oils. Allow the Essences to immerse the room for a continuous more subtle activation of their potency.

Topical use - pressure points

* Use topically on a daily basis either exclusively, or to supplement oral use.

* Essence drops can also be applied directly on the body in conjunction with massage, acupressure or acupuncture, or chiropractic treatments.

* Put 1 to 3 drops on the tops of Your finger(s), choose the acupressure point which requires deeper activation and then apply gentle pressure for a minute or so while breathing deeply.

Holding the Stock/Dosage bottle to Your Heart

At certain times it can be enough to simply hold Your stock or dosage bottle in both hands close to Your Heart, and asking the Essence to assists You in achieving energetic Balance, Clarity and inner Peace. You can carry the bottle with You everywhere You go to do this whenever the need arises.

Essence THC.jpg

What to expect ...

A regular, rhythmic use of the Araina Essences builds the strength of their catalytic action.

Therefore, potency is increased by using them on a frequent, consistent basis. In most cases, the Araina Essences should be taken three times daily, although this may need to be increased in emergency or acute situations to once every hour, or even more often. On the other hand, children or other highly sensitive persons may at times need to decrease the frequency of use to once or twice daily, if they seem to be reacting too strongly.

The Araina Essences allow One to work deeply within the Alchemy of the Genetic Key Codes and assist One in the Embodiment of One's Authentic True Self. As they work from within the metaphysical realm into the physical and vice versa, they are most effective at the thresholds of awakening and retiring, since these are the times when the veils between body and soul are thinner. Other transition times of the day are also important, such as just before the noon or evening meals. Even when the essences are used in the midst of a hectic schedule, it is beneficial to allow a quiet moment of receptivity so that the activations of the Genetic Key Codes can be received at a subtle level.

Many people find it helpful to remember to take the essences by keeping one bottle of their Araina Essence formula right on the bed-stand, and another one of the same combination in their purse, briefcase, or in the kitchen.

Although Araina Essences can be used on a short-term basis for acute situations, their ideal use is for long-term or deep-seated transformation on a spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical level. The highest recommended cycle of an Araina Essence use, is three weeks at a time, followed by an integration period of at least three days before One starts a new cycle. When One does not feel aligned to take the Essences for three weeks (in case this feels to intense), One should take them for at least three days at a time. It is however important to understand that the subtle workings of this powerful alchemy will bring better results in long time use. Perseverance and Patience are Key. Which does not mean that in certain moments the results can be felt and seen instantaneously as well. In this case it is still recommended to keep using the Essences as guided, to assist in the secure integration of the result.

For particularly deep desired transformation and transcendence of certain patterns or obstacles, a whole series of at least three times three weeks (with each time maximum three days of integration in between) may need to be considered. However in most cases, changes will be noticed in about one setting of three weeks. We recommend continuing to use a formula, for a period of time even after some change has been noticed. This allows a possibility for the essences to be “anchored” at deeper levels of consciousness and thus truly embodied within One's Being.

As the Araina Essences are deeply activating through the metaphysical layers, One may experience moments of extreme Bliss and Clarity and/or moments of extreme tiredness - or anything in between. It is important to listen to and take care of Your Body as You are moving through the processes that are activated by the Araina Essences. When used correctly, the Genetic Key Codes will slowly but surely upgrade Your DNA and thus remove all energies which no longer serve Your current existence. This can result in feeling tired, having temporary small physical sensations (like soft headaches, shivers, ...) and/or having emotional release (crying, sadness, etc.). In these cases it is important to rest and allow Your Being to let go; as this is a good sign that the Essences are working and helping You in releasing all which no longer serves as to prepare for the integration of the New and more Beneficial energies. Keep Trusting the Process and stay focussed on Purity and Clarity.

Please know that the Embodied Ascension Process which the Araina Essences support does require of You to recognize patterns and move through them. When taking the Araina Essences, You may greatly benefit from the ARAINA HAVEN MEMBERSHIP; with bi-monthly collective readings that support the individual and collective Inner Alchemy Process.

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