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Copper Line

Ground, Love, Prosper.



The metaphysical properties of Copper invoke the feeling of being grounded, secure and abundant in each now moment. Copper, being the third strongest conductive element (next to Silver and Gold), can not only conduct the energy yet also magnify it during the transfer. Therefor Copper helps to Embody within an ever expanding Abundance on all levels. Copper allows One to not only Be Here Now, yet also to keep expanding within the Now - for the Highest Benefit of All.

Copper is a symbol of Love and Stability, and is related to Venus; representing Harmony, Balance, Creativity, Feminine Empowerment, Embodiment, Truth, Devotion, Compassion, Unconditional Love and Connection.


The Essence of Copper allows One to feel more present within every moment, within every Breath. It shows One how to Be Here on Earth, as a Human Being, whilst staying ever connected within the ever evolving Higher Potential of the Essence. Copper helps to let go of stagnation, procrastination and any level of inactivity that does not serve One's Life. It allows One to take in more energy and create space and time for a harmonious experience.


Copper is the most warming and loving element, that embraces One within the energy of the Divine Feminine; true nurturing - allowing One to truly be Born within One's True Nature; Seeing the Miracle of Life and so being able to attract Abundance on all levels. It also activates a deep knowing of the Universal Truth that Abundance is directly related to Essential Surrender; and so assists in remembering ever deeper the importance of Balance, Devotion and the natural flow of Authentic Creativity.



The Copper Essences are the most grounding to work with, out of all the Araina Essences;


All Essences activate embodiment, as all Genetic Key Codes bring Embodied Ascension. Yet the Copper Essences allow One to feel more grounded in the Earthly Realm - in One's day-to-day Life. They help One to remember One's Inner Mother and feel nurtured and embraced; as to feel inspired to expand One's Life. To be more present and to Create, to Move, to Breathe within a deeper Presence. To Be One's True Self and CoCreate within the World - towards a more harmonious collective experience.

During these grounding experiences, One can feel ignited to expand even higher within One's Consciousness: the deeper the roots, the higher the tree can reach into the skies. As You are working with the Copper Essences, You can combine them with the Gold or Silver Essences to grow Your Authentic Being within existences Beyond.

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