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Making of the Araina Essences

The Araina Essences are unique and innovative Quantum Elixirs, created within a continuous six month ceremony on Kauai, Hawai'i.


AhnėYah Yahrin's Expertise within Alchemy and Quantum Activation allows these Essences to be Transcending Beyond; making them the ideal Embodiment tools for Evolutionaries and the Brave of Heart.


Bearthed on Kaua'i, Hawai'i

The Araina Mother Essences were created on Kaua'i, Hawai'i - at the foot of Mount Namahana. Which is the birthing place of all souls who are conceived in this Earthly realm, before they enter their bodies in the physical plane.


Through this powerful rebirthing portal, the Essences contain the Purity and Innocence of the Ever Evolving Beyond, which assists in One's Authentic Transcendence and Embodiment process.


Six Months of Continuous 24/7 Quantum Activational Ceremony

The Genetic Key Codes of the Yahrin Lineage are a very highly fine-tuned frequency which requires absolute devotional presence in order to become embodied in the Here*Now.


Therefor the making of the Araina Mother Essences took place within a meticulous ongoing ceremony that took six months of day and night Quantum Activations, in order for all to be completed.

Each new batch made from these Mother Essences takes place once again within a one-day Quantum Activational Ceremony.


This is where Araina Essences are one-of-a-kind and differ from f.e. flower essences, as these usually take maximum 1-3 days to complete and are performed within elemental ceremonies instead of Quantum Activational Genetic Key Code Alchemy.


100% Organic Ingredients

While the Araina Essences are not made of flowers or other earthly elements, and mainly contain the Alchemy of the Genetic Key Codes, they are made with 100% organic alcohol (Rum from Hawaii and Dominican Republic) as well as purified and upgraded high quality water from the most reliable sources.

High Quality Packaging - MIRON Violet Glass

All Araina Essences are preserved and bottled in the High Quality MIRON Violet Glass. Used since ancient Egyptian times, this sustainable kind of glass that filters the sun’s rays perfectly. Allowing the beneficial rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out.
Miron violet glass jars protect, prolong and enhance natural products. Each bottle can thus be reused or returned for a refill.

For more info visit: MIRON VIOLET GLASS

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