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Araina Mirrors

DNA-Feng Shui of Your Home & Heart 

The Garden offers the exclusive and pioneer Genetic Key Code Mirrors™a powerful alchemical tool created by AhnėYah Yahrin since 2018.


Transform Your Home into a serene and loving Sanctuary of positive vibrations with the Araina Genetic Key Code Mirrors; they act as powerful cleansers and purifiers of the energy field and so ward off negativity and density.


This unique piece of home decor is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also a potent tool designed to aid in self-discovery and promote a deeper awareness of one's inner world through using it within the practice of Mirror Meditation (read blog post here).


​Each mirror is completely home- and handmade by AhnėYah Yahrin, and blessed within essential prayers to ensure the purest reflections.


Shape Influences Vibration

Choose the Shape that Resonates with Your Heart & Soul

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Araina Mirror Collection

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