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Included in Your Tatau Ceremony


Personal Genetic Key Code Reading

This Reading initiates the Ceremony and allows for a gentle first Activation as well as

Support during the Integration Period.

Comes with Audio Recording. 

Lily Flower

A Private and Serene Space

Your entire Ceremony will take place in the Araina Sanctuary; in a private, intimate and serene setting for Your optimum comfort during the Activation Process.


Continuous Expert Presence

From beginning to end, You will receive metaphysical activations within the continuous space holding of Your
Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist
(Day & Night).


Personalized Araina Essence

Based on the Key Code Reading, You will Receive a personalized Araina Essence
bottle for support during the entire
process and Integration Period.

GKC_gold9 copy.jpg

Genetic Key Code Guidance

Your Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist will offer expertise guidance on which code(s) to choose and where the most beneficial placement would be for Essential Alignment. 


Araina Tatau Balm

You will receive two 100% organic
Araina Tatau Balms to assure a good
healing and after care of Your Tatau.
These balms are infused
 with the

Araina Essences.


Personal Genetic Key Code Chart

A very detailed chart explaining Your
personal Key Code Reading in depth, for a deeper understanding of Your current
Process and Higher Potential.

Bowl of Fruits

100% Organic Refreshments

During the entire Ceremony You will be offered 100% natural and organic

snacks and refreshments.

Meditate at the beach

Integration Document

This includes information for the after care of the tattoo and guidance on how to best move through the integration process, with detailed info on the working of the chosen Gylded
Key Code(s) and its affirmation.


Your valuable investment in You

Your Embodiment is Sacred and Honored, therefore AhnėYah begins the preparation of Your Ceremony three days beforehand, in setting up the ideal energetic and physical space for Your optimum experience and embodiment. After each Ceremony she performs again a three day ritual to clear the energies in the field and Your system; to assure the highest beneficial outcome. 

As You arrive for Your Ceremony, we will begin with one rigorous initiation day before the actual tattooing begins (more info: see Tatau Itinerary). Herein Your Being is prepared to release what no longer serves and open to the authentic upgrades.

Herein AhnėYah performs the personal Genetic Key Code Reading and Chart, gives the personal Essence, as well as the creation of Your personal Code. 


Day two is where the tattooing process begins. depending on the size of the chosen design as well as Your personal tolerance of receiving the Genetic Key Code Tatau, this could expand to more than one day - however most need only one - maximum two days.


The full experience thus is a minimum of two full days; one preparation day and one Tatau Ceremony day. For this, You are asked to pay a deposit of €4800,- (tax included) - this deposit covers these two days, and includes all of the items as listed above.

If Your Ceremony should expand to three or more days, You will be asked an extra surcharge per day. As to assure  Your optimum well being, AhnėYah will perform an absolute  maximum of three up-following tattooing days.  

Araina Sanctuary Belgium


The Tatau Ceremony will take place in the Araina Sanctuary in ANTWERP, BELGIUM.


The Sanctuary is located in a very beautiful, light and serene location in the old town of Antwerp; in a secluded renovated site of the 15th Century; "Bolonia La Grassa" - a place where the well known European painter Peter Paul Rubens used to stay with his company. 


While the Sanctuary has a Parisian or Italian feel, it only takes a few steps outside of the premises to find One's Self in the mesmerizing old town in the centre of Antwerp - the Diamond Capital of the World - with its medieval architecture of the many churches, the castle "Het Steen" and other historical buildings as well as many beautiful museums (KMSKA, The MAS, MoMu,...).

How to get Here ...


The Araina Sanctuary is about a 10-15 minute walk from Antwerp Central Station. Antwerp Central Station is a very easily reachable and connected train station to other main European Cities like Amsterdam and Paris.
When You come by airplane to BRUSSELS AIRPORT, go to the train station underneath the airport. There You can take a 30 minute train ride straight to Antwerp Central.




If One chooses to come by car, there is a private parking lot available for Araina Clients underneath the Araina Sanctuary, which makes it very comfortable to park in the middle of the City. Please be aware that Antwerp City is a "Low Emission Zone". Make sure to check if Your car is allowed to drive into the city centre.

Book Your Tatau Ceremony

Embrace Your Heart and Treat Your Essence the Embodiment You deserve;

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