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Silver Line

Heal, Protect, Clarify.



The properties of Silver invoke healing and protection; due to it being an anti-bacterial agent that fights infections and viruses. Silver boosts the immune system and makes the physical body stronger; stronger bones, skin repair and maintenance of the elasticity of the blood vessels. It also corrects hormonal and chemical imbalances, energy levels and mood levels. Silver ions are positively charged which creates a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body, allowing the natural conductivity and protection of the body to regain and maintain its natural empowerment.

Therefor Silver is a potent alchemical element that brings transcendental healing and essential protection - within and without; on a physical and on a metaphysical level. It helps One to become stronger from within, and protect One's Self against energies that are not serving One's True Being. It reflects the Clarity necessary to See One's True Path and hear One's Intuition more vividly.

Silver is a symbol of Clarity, Persistence and Strength - and is related to the Moon; representing the Unknown,

Mystery, Hidden Treasures, Heightened Senses, Intuition, Purification and Enlightenment in moments of doubt. It helps with self-reflection and to discover the hidden pearls in the deepest depths.


The Essence of Silver allows One to purify, and adventure within the ever expanding infinity of the All. Pure Silver is in fact the most conductive element of all (even more than gold and copper) and so it allows One to hear the Voice of One's True Heart (Intuition) within the highest Clarity, through which One can find a deeper strength to keep expanding within One's awareness whilst feeling protected at all times. Silver is the best element to clear out all which does not serve and become stronger to embody Higher Grace.



The Silver Essences are a more advanced level of alchemy to work with, out of all the Araina Essences;


The Silver Essences bring strong healing and protection; through helping You in the uncovering of the core wound that created the necessity of healing and protection in the first place. They help You to uncover, and simultaneously awaken Your inherent strength to resolve that which becomes uncovered.

Therefor the Silver Essences are the ideal tool for those who wish to break through the blind spots of the subconscious and discover their hidden treasures; as within each uncovering lies the gift of a Miracle unseen. 

As working with the Silver Essences could potentially feel intense at moments (depending on Your intention and the nature of the core wound), You can combine the Silver Essence with a Gold or Copper Essence, as to soften the process and have some temporary relief along the journey;



Even though the VIOLET FLAME Essence and the CLOAK OF PURITY Essence both bring strong protection and assist in the raising of One's Consciousness, there is a significant difference:

The VIOLET FLAME Essence is more focussed on discovering the hidden blind spots within the Self, that create "holes" in One's energy field, through which distracting energies can attach to One's Being and so disturb One's Inner Peace. VIOLET FLAME Essence therefor is a very powerful tool to raise One's Inner Awareness and in this way build up a stronger energetic field that naturally wards off anything which does not serve One's True Being.

> The CLOAK OF PURITY Essence supports the Purity that already is embodied, and strengthens it in order for One to stay focussed on that which truly matters. The more One raises One's Consciousness, the more One will see the paradoxical balancing act in this particular Universe; thus the more One realizes Purity and Grace, the more One will be able to see impurity and disgrace. As we create that which we focus upon, the responsibility grows the more conscious One becomes. CLOAK OF PURITY helps One to stay Focussed on that which is of the Higher Benefit for All and so find innovative ways to be in ever more gracious Service within the world.

VIOLET FLAME and CLOAK OF PURITY can in this way be used together; wherein VIOLET FLAME helps One to raise the consciousness - and CLOAK OF PURITY protects One to keep that raised consciousness anchored in and alive for the Higher Benefit of All that Is, as well as creating innovative pathways that allow One to translate this Higher Consciousness into new services that bring healing to others.

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