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Genetic Key Code Tatau Ceremony

Garden of Araina offers an exclusive tattoo experience, that is unique in the world.

We provide a private and intimate space for You to come closer to Your True Self, through the powerful Alchemy of the Genetic Key Codes combined within a sacred Tatau Ceremony. This results in an upgrade of Your Consciousness and Being - Your DNA - unveiling the profound mysteries of Inner Alchemy, Self-Discovery and Embodied Ascension.


We Graciously Respect and Honor Integrity and Authenticity in All, wherethrough all our sessions provide the opportunity for You to gain Clarity, Awakening, Healing and a greater sense of Sovereignty within Your Beautiful Authentic Being. The activating Genetic Key Codes will leave You feeling more empowered and deeper connected to Your True Self, able to move forward in Life with a greater sense of Purpose and Inner Peace.

The Origin of
Genetic Key Code Tatau

The Tatau (= original word for sacred and ceremonial tattoo) we offer at Garden of Araina is based on the philosophy of the Yahrin Lineage. The Yahrin Intention is to help humanity  gain a deeper connection within the Ever Evolving New Paradigm and its Higher Potential towards Expansion in deeper Harmony on all levels, through the innovative Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

AhnėYah Yahrin is the world's pioneer initiator of the specific Yahrin Philosophy and offers this initiation in ARACEAE: The Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution. In this Academy One can remember One's inherent connection to the Yahrin, and so become a Genetic Key Code Alchemist. ARACEAE is the only vortex on Earth which offers this initiation, therefor only True and Devoted Graduated Initiates of ARACEAE can offer Genetic Key Code Tatau. (see here for a list of certified GKCA Tatauists)


A Genetic Key Code Tatau is 99,9% Metaphysical Surgery (a.k.a. Quantum Activation/Alchemy), and 0,1% physically visible tattoo: meaning that the alchemical energy work is the main purpose of this ceremony and the tattoo is more a "souvenir" of the experience which helps One to be reminded of the activation forever more, as well as helping One to embody the activation ever more graciously.

Therefor, if One is not interested in embracing the inner work which becomes activated in this Ceremony - yet would only want "a pretty image on the skin" - a Key Code Tatau is not recommended. 


Please only apply for this Tatau Ceremony
when having a genuine intention to Go Within
& Evolve Beyond for the Benefit of All That Is.






The Gylded Genetic Key Codes (GGKC) are a specific kind of Genetic Key Codes designed with the purpose to serve anyone who wishes to connect within this specific Alchemy, and embrace the activations thereof to improve their Lives and overall Well Being on any level. Receiving a GGKC as a Tatau is a tool which offers Support and Clarity during One's Journey back H*Ohm to One's True Self; the never-ending Evolutionary Experience of the Infinite Authentic Being.

Most Genetic Key Codes need very devotional space holding and deeper initiation before One can choose to embody them as Tatau. The Gylded GKC however work in a slightly different way: they are designed to be more attuned to One's unique experience of Space and Time, and allow One to move within One's authentic rhythm and speed - f.e.; if One's Heart wishes to move fast, One will evolve fast, if One's Heart desires to move slower, One will evolve slower. Their potency is just as strong as any other Genetic Key Code - only the Ceremony and their Activation will go as deep as One's Intention (rather than "being thrown in the wormhole with no return"). Therefor, if One has the Pure Intention to transcend many layers of One's Consciousness and Being within one GGKC Tatau Ceremony, then this is very possible; as long as it is for the Highest Benefit of All That Is - an ego-desire will never be fulfilled through the use of Genetic Key Code Alchemy.







Other than most Genetic Key Codes, the GGKCs come in many shapes and forms, of different sizes, and can be adjusted to One's personal requirements. This means the final chosen design can become a very personal Tatau, even though they are Collective Codes which are available for everyone. Your unique connection with them will cocreate a unique Tatau Embodiment. There is infinite possibility; One can have a tatau just the size of a penny, or have more codes combined to fill a complete back piece.


However big or small, they will keep supporting One for a Lifetime and Beyond; in staying True to and Empowered within One's Authentic Path of Evolution, for the Benefit of all That Is, ever more expanding within One's True Heart, One's Purity and One's Clarity.

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Embrace Your Heart and Treat Your Essence the Embodiment You deserve;

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