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Unveiling the Mystery of True Healing: The Potency of Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is the most Efficient & Effective Medicine for All Dis*Ease; a Clarification on the Potential of Human Nature


In this blogpost I will share one of the main reasonings as to why I choose to live a devoted life within and for Inner Alchemy. The miraculous testimonials shared in this blogpost are 100% accurate, however it is important to disclaim that I am not a "professional scientist nor licensed doctor". My knowledge comes from a lifetime of practicing Mysticism and Alchemy, wherethrough I speak out of personal lived experiences, as well as the experiences of many of my clients and initiates. My intention with this post is to bring more awareness on the subject of True Healing (on all levels), which is essentially accessible and attainable to All who seek Truth and are willing to release any form of conditioned belief.

the potency of Inner alchemy; the most effective medicine for all disease.

* Consciousness All*Ways Seeks to Expand - Beyond Dis*Ease.

Disease. Dis-Ease. Feelings of uncomfortableness in all shapes and forms; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical imbalances that create sensations of pain, of confusion, of impurity, of illness...

Healing dis-ease is the number one focus for practically every human being walking this Earth, consciously, subconsciously and/or unconsciously. Most people are always looking to "Ease Dis-Ease"; whether through actively seeking healing from any kind of medicine or practice - or trying to cover up the dis-ease with addictive behaviors, patterns and substances - or distracting One's Self with external projects and movements. Whether to the benefit or destruction of One's Well Being.

No matter how we look at it, consciousness always seeks to expand beyond; into ever less dis-ease and ever more harmony.

On all levels. Within and without.

* The Potency of Inner Alchemy; the Most Effective & Efficient Medicine for All Dis*Ease - Humanity's Potential to Achieve True Healing

1. Why Humans Seek Medicine

Humans seek resolution; "Medicine". Something that brings Ease to the Dis-Ease.

Next to the medicines of relaxation, vacation, breathing fresh air and soaking up the sun,... the world has many creations that are more literally seen as medicines; pharmaceuticals, drugs, natural medicines (herbs & tinctures,...), psychedelics and plant medicines, shamanic & healing practices... all with the intentional purpose of healing dis-ease.

In any case, any of these medicines are an external element experienced and/or taken into One's being, giving One a feeling that relieves the uncomfortable sensations created by a certain disease.

Yet, this experienced relief is often only temporary.

This is due to the Universal Fact that:

True Ease can only exist from within .

And therefore True Healing can only take place from within.

As "healing" is the transcendence from dis-Ease to Ease.

All diseases stem from a space within One's consciousness which has not (yet) become recognized into embodied awareness - a.k.a. "blind spots". These blind spots are an unconscious field within the self acting similar to a black hole; attracting and "sucking in" all kinds of energies into One's unconscious Being that so create havoc and disturbance within One's conscious experience. They bring about a sense of "overload" that results in spiritual, emotional, mental and/or physical imbalance - also known as; disease.

Blind spots therefore send signals to the Human Brain and Heart, saying; "Hey, there is something (an emptiness) that needs to be filled up."

>> Which results in the conscious, subconscious or unconscious Quest for Resolution; the seeking of a "medicine" that helps to fill the void, so the uncomfortableness - the imbalance - can be restored into Inner Peace. Sadly, often this Quest ends up in an addiction to temporary "discomfort-releasers", rather than finding actual True Healing.

2. The Effectiveness of Various Medicines

  • 💊 Pharmaceuticals, drugs, ... usually relieve the pain/discomfort caused by the disease, often very quickly. These medicines are a luxury in emergencies and help save many lives. However, they merely relieve the symptoms of the disease and do not resolve the actual root cause that created the disease in the first place. And unfortunately, these medicines bring about a kind of "fog" or "cloudiness" within the consciousness, through which they create even more blind spots and confusion; potentially manifesting other kinds of diseases.

  • 🪴Herbal medicines relieve the symptoms of the disease - often a bit more slowly than pharmaceuticals - however, they assure a healthy body and do not create new blind spots; if and when applied correctly and with care. Nevertheless, they still do not resolve the root cause of the dis-ease.

  • 🍄🪵🍃🌵Plant medicines (Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Peyote, ibogaine, 5-meo-DMT, etc.) relieve the uncomfortable symptoms AND can potentially show the root cause of the dis-ease, if and when administered correctly and within pure intention. Yet, they still do not resolve the root cause for You. Even though these medicines can potentially be very clarifying on many levels, One should be warned; if and when these medicines are administered by unconscious practitioners they can also create more blind spots and cause extreme damage to One's system and DNA. Unfortunately in this day and age, these tribal practices have become a "hype" resulting in many charlatans offering these medicines to those who seek true healing; creating a huge black hole in the collective field.

shipibo tribe, maestra Ynes Sanchez, AhnėYah Yahrin
True Shipibo Healer Maestra Ynes Sanchez, Peruvian Amazon

When going to a true & integer curandero/a, maestro/a or shaman who has been working with plant medicines for generations, and has a very devoted life to this specific practice, You will never hear them say that these psychedelic substances are the actual medicine facilitating the desired healing. Rather, they will make it very clear that Healing is a Process; and a Combination of many different things that need to be Remembered Within. The plant medicines are merely used to guide - and mainly to purify the physical body - the actual medicine comes from Inner Awareness within the Process;

" Es un Proceso "

They will say it is a process of inner awareness and consciously practicing embodiment, which is absolutely necessary to be attained and maintained in order to bring about the vision/feeling of healing that the plant medicines present as a temporary experience.

3. How to Recognize a True Healer

Certain Healers (of various kinds) can bring relief to the symptoms of a disease. And Masterful Healers can bring relief and make You aware of the blind spot where the disease originates.

Yet still; even the most Masterful Healer cannot resolve the root cause for You.

You are the only one who can transcend Your dis-ease.

True and Masterful Healers, however, will help You Remember how You can reach true resolution; they will support You in Remembering Your inherent wisdom and Sovereign Self-empowerment. (If You would come in contact with healers who say they will do it for You - please be aware You that are being scammed and manipulated!)

A True Healer is in fact an Activator , an Ignitor , an Initiator of Your Higher Potential .

It is someone who will respect, honor and celebrate Your inherent Wisdom, and support You in the recognition thereof. They will bring clear discernment and pure intent, to light up Your unique and authentic road to fulfillment from Within.

A True Healer, an Authentic Activator will bring You to the Remembrance of Your Inner Mystic, and reconnect You with the Transcending Potency of Your True Nature; Inner Alchemy.

inner alchemy, abuelo bolivar, pieroas tribe, venezuela
True Healer Abuelo Bolivar, Pieroas Tribe, Venezuelan Amazon

4. Inner Alchemy; the ONLY Effective Medicine for All Dis*Ease

All medicines described above, can offer potential miraculous relief of discomfort, and few of them can also bring insights into One's Higher Potential. However the ONLY medicine that brings true resolution and transcendence of the disease is:

Inner Alchemy; the practice of Embodied Ascension - attaining higher knowledge and maintaining it into an embodied state within an ever evolving Presence of Grace.

This is the only way One can fill up any blind spot and stop the "black hole effect".

This is the only way One can Truly Heal from any form of dis-ease.

As a "blind spot" is in Essence of the Self; therefore it requires Self-Awareness to become recognized and made "un-blind" - a.k.a. fulfilled.

All other forms of medicine, without the application of Inner Alchemy will not be able to bring about lasting results. The disease will keep returning in similar or different forms, often getting more serious within each return, eventually potentially leading to (unconscious) death.

On the contrary; Inner Alchemy within itself will bring true healing, even without the presence of any pharmaceutical or natural medicine.

Then why is Inner Alchemy not celebrated or "officially recognized" as a medicine in society?

Because Inner Alchemy is not a "quick fix" - therefore it is not popular in a fast paced society. Inner Alchemy often does not bring instant relief to the discomfort, especially for those who are beginning practitioners.

Masters of Inner Alchemy however, do feel instant relief and even continuous Inner Peace.

Inner Alchemy requires strength, courage, commitment and devotion to be attained and maintained. One has to be brave to rise above the uncomfortable symptoms and break free.

Luckily, the reward of being this brave is that Inner Alchemy WILL - WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION - eventually take You to the root cause, help You understand it ánd resolve it; resulting in the symptoms not only disappearing ~ yet transcending the disease forever more.

AND: as an EXTRA BONUS; this transcendence will not only be effective for Yourself, yet also for any descendants of Your Lineage (children, family,...).

Inner Alchemy upgrades Your DNA and allows You to become immune to the disease; as it brings about growth and evolution from within - for the Benefit of All That Is.

This is why I have devoted my entire Life and Service to bring more awareness to the Inner Mysteries of Human Nature; as Inner Alchemy is not only the solution to all disease, it is also the resolution for Collective Harmony and Peace.

* The Miraculous Healing Potency of Inner Alchemy; Testimonials

1. Genetic Key Code Alchemy: a Successful Modality Igniting Inner Alchemy

I came into this world with a conscious embodied awareness of Inner Alchemy. And since my birth I have been wondering how to create a most beneficial pathway to help humanity Remember this inherent potent medicine.

Everyone contains this medicine deep inside. It just requires a specific approach to become recognized and activated.

In the past twenty years I have been traveling worldwide, performing anthropological research in many layers of society, cultures and healing modalities. Investigating how to create the most effective and beneficial pathway to allow humanity to reconnect within this inherent and very potent medicine of Inner Alchemy.

This came to the creation of the pioneer modality "Genetic Key Code Alchemy" (GKCA): a form of Inner Alchemy, translated in codings - as to be more efficiently innerstood by the current collective mind and heart.

Inner Alchemy is Universal and Timeless - Beyond - however Human Consciousness within itself moves and shifts and changes. Genetic Key Code Alchemy is the Universal Inner Alchemy translated in a way that the current collective consciousness can Remember it within Ease & Grace.

I offer Genetic Key Code Alchemy in various levels of intensity;

Within ARACEAE, I also offer a two year full-immersion Teacher Training, for those who wish to share this powerful modality for the benefit of Our Collective Evolution.

Following, I will share some of the most amazing benefits experienced by myself and my clients through the application of this Inner Alchemy modality Genetic Key Code Alchemy;

2. Miraculous Healings; GKCA Testimonials

I have chosen to not mention the names of my clients as to honor their privacy. Every testimonial described below is 100% accurate, and shared within the pure intention of showing the potency of Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

  • Healing Cancer and Blindness: It began with my own experience; where in the year of 2016 I found myself having early stages of breast cancer AND simultaneously a complete blindness in one eye, due to an infection caught on one of my travels. As I had seen many different of the best eye doctors in the world, they all said I would never be able to regain my sight, as "that part of the eye is unable to heal itself". They even said "better prepare for complete blindness, as this infection will spread eventually to the other eye as well. There is nothing we can do." Horrifying. My whole world was falling apart. And then early stages of cancer on top of that... crazy! Yet I chose to NOT BELIEVE what they said. I chose to keep believing in my Heart, in my Inner Knowing which said "Anything is possible - All can be healed." So I kept focusing on my path of creating Genetic Key Code Alchemy, and integrating it into a most beneficial and effective modality. As I finished the meticulous pathway of all 55 Genetic Key Codes, I found myself being healed of both the cancer as well as the blindness. Even more so; I can now see BETTER with the previous blind eye, than my "regular" eye, and I have more life force energy than I ever experienced before in this lifetime. This experience allowed me to bet ALL I HAD on the creation of Garden of Araina and ARACEAE, as to spread this Alchemy into the world.

  • Healing Mental/Emotional Disorders: One of my former students in ARACEAE had a lifelong condition of manic depression. She was taking strong anti-depressants to suppress this condition. As her Heart was craving to join ARACEAE, she felt a fear rising: "Am I able to do this? Will I have the strength and the commitment?". She followed her heart and took the leap. As soon as she entered the Academy, she felt a huge relief. And ever since she has never needed to take any medicine for this condition anymore - as her manic-depression was instantly resolved, and remained resolved. This is due to ARACEAE being a strong metaphysical vortex which brings instant deep Remembrance in every cell of Your Being. It is more than just an Academy; it is a Mystery School that ignites Your Inner Mystery, and activates Your inherent Power. Moving through the program allows you to fully integrate and embody this Inner Power and so resolve the disease.

  • Healing Heart Disease: Another student of ARACEAE was taking pharmaceutical medicines for strong heart palpitations. She is of older age, and the doctors said there was no other way; she had to take these medicines to remain healthy. Same like the previous testimonial; as soon as she entered ARACEAE she has never felt the need to take these medicines again, and the disease has been fully resolved.

  • Releasing Harsh Physical Toxins (f.e.: lead): Another One of my students was experiencing a long time of lead poisoning. Sadly, a very common disease in the current population. Lead poisoning is not curable, only in certain cases they perform chelation therapy - which can potentially accelerate excretion - a very unpleasant and expensive treatment. As she is a very conscious person, she had sought many treatments, both medical and natural, with various experienced doctors and healers. None could offer her resolution, yet could confirm the lead levels were too high. A while ago. she ordered all of the Araina Essences; of which You can get all 55 Essences of each Code as presented in ARACEAE, when You are a student. As she received them, and carefully unpacked them and placed them on her altar, she instantly started to feel detoxification sensations. Her hands and feet turned white, and very sweaty. She went to her doctor to ask what was happening, and he said: "This is miraculous... the lead in your system is detoxing...!" She is now feeling better every day, her life force energy is returning stronger as well as her intuition and manifestation abilities.

  • Resolving Ancestral Trauma within the Lineage: A client who experienced a Genetic Key Code Tatau Ceremony went through a deep realization of ancestral trauma on the female lineage of his mother's side during ceremony. Within the three month integration period of the Tatau Activation, he saw that not only his heart was healing, yet - without sharing his experiences with his family - he saw his wife, his sister and his mother coming to realizations and healings in their own lives. coming to reunion and harmony between each other.

  • Physical Realignments: Another Tatau Client was born with one leg slightly more bent than the other straight and normal leg. Not too much seen, yet it was a personal uncomfortable feeling and obstruction. He was a conscious being, doing yoga, body work, as much as he could to resolve and realign his body. We performed a Genetic Key Code Tatau on this leg, and straight after the Ceremony, as he stood up, we saw; his leg was straight. The discomfort was completely gone. A Genetic Key Code Tatau Ceremony is a powerful activator of Your Inner Alchemy; the entire process allowed for the blind spot that caused the body to be misaligned to regain fulfillment, and so the body Remembered its natural state of being.

  • Rejuventaion: Another student of ARACEAE, was a practitioner of herbal/chines medicines, who regularly (once every six months) went for a check-in at her eastern doctor, to check the life force energy and vital organs. She went once before she entered ARACEAE, where the doctor confirmed the same calibrations on all levels as usual, with a slight decrease as she was growing older. "Normal", one would think. At the end of her 6 month participation in ARACEAE, she went again on her consultation, and the doctor concluded that all her energies had gone up; as if she was ten years younger. This phenomenon takes place as when we focus on Evolution, we allow Life Force Energy to flow more clearly through our cells, and thanks to the practice of Inner Alchemy, this higher energy becomes embodied which so rejuvenates our physical cells.

  • Inner Peace and Joy of Life: Most of my clients, whichever level of Genetic Key Code Alchemy they choose to integrate into their lives, feel more inner peace. Rest. Relaxation. Confirmation. The sense of Coming Home. Resulting in feeling less dis-ease in any area of Your being, also spiritually and energetically. This is because Genetic Key Code Alchemy is a modality that activates Your Authentic Being; and when One is reunited within Their Authentic and True Nature, all falls into place...

I could keep going on, however I feel these few testimonials can give a sense of innerstanding as to why I have chosen to bring this modality into the world, for all the Truth Seekers, all the Evolutionaries, all the Peace Keepers,... to InJoy. Am I claiming that anyone who for example has cancer will heal cancer through the application of Genetic Key Code Alchemy? NO. It depends on the ability of One's Inner Nature; of One's intention to Go Within and do the inner work. Genetic Key Code Alchemy, however, is a very supportive and potent medicine that reinforces Your Inherent Ability to Go Within and come to resolution. It activates Your dormant DNA and allows You to make that change.

* How You Can Experience True Healing

True Healing through Inner Alchemy is not something that can be attained easily. It cannot be remembered through any "quick fix". As mentioned before; it requires courage, strength, devotion, commitment,...

Inner Alchemy cannot also not be "taught" - it can only become Remembered through devoting One's Self in Going Within.

Genetic Key Code Alchemy strongly and effectively supports this "Going Within"-process. And ARACEAE offers GKCA within a pure and graceful space holding of the Yahrin Philosophy; offering a New Vision on Life, the Self and The All That Is, that ignites and inspires Inner Alchemy.

Inner Alchemy within itself is a philosophy, a lifestyle. It is not an occasional practice.

Inner Alchemy is a Choice: a choice to be True to One's Essential and most True Nature, and to therein be courageous in releasing all conditioned patterns and belief systems which keep One astray from this Natural State of Being.

It is a Choice to Go Within, and uncover the Mystery of Life.

In a world full of distractions, of infinite external factors created to keep the focus on the surface, it can be confusing to See the Truth, to See the right way through the thick forest full of overgrown paths.

This is where ARACEAE (Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for evolution) offers Clarity - Purity - Discernment - Grace - ... giving you all the Keys to Unlock each next step that leads You closer to Your Authentic Inherent Wisdom; the Power of Your Inner Healer, in a way that feels effortless, yet works efficient and effective.

ARACEAE offers peace and resolution.

ARACEAE supports You and gives you extra strength and clarity to make courageous steps, leading You to the depths of Your Being; where anything is possible. Especially for those who are Ready to Break free from all illusion.

ARACEAE ignites True Healing and uncovers the potency of Inner Alchemy with efficiency and effectiveness. The Yahrin philosophy makes it possible for One to Remember in mystical ways that accelerate the process of healing and DNA upgrade.

Are You ready to transcend all dis-ease?

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When You have any questions regarding this blog post, feel free to comment below, or contact at


AhnėYah Yahrin - Genetic Key Code Alchemist - Yahrin Mystic

AhnėYah Yahrin is the founder of Garden of Araina - Visionary of the Yahrin Philosophy - and Pioneer of Genetic Key Code Alchemy. Within her more than twelve years of experience in consciousness expansion and embodiment, she is passionate about helping humanity achieving a deeper sense of harmony and peace, within and without. For more info; read here.


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