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Private Premium Coaching

Receive Exclusive One-on-One Coaching by AhnėYah Yahrin

Honoring Essential Presence

You have it All.


Life - in the external - is Abundant.

Wealth comes easy to You - Yet... True Love seems to be far away...

There is always this mysterious feeling deep inside... which emerges, from time to time - subtle yet undeniable - becoming ever stronger, to the moment where Your Heart begins to rage:

Your Heart's Truth has to be set Free.

How to See this Truth? How to reach Resolution? How to break free and through? How to release this subtle yet ever more uncomfortable feeling into a sense of True Inner Peace?

True Inner Peace... allowing You to finally & really InJoy Life for Yourself, Your Family, Your Friends and Beloveds - in a way that is Magical, Essential & Real to the Core - Satisfying to the Heart & Soul - Within & Without.

No matter how many coaches and consultants You employ; a health coach, a mindset coach, a spiritual coach, a therapist for emotional guidance,... no matter how many books You read or seminars You attend... there seems to be this One Thing that cannot reach True and Essential Fulfillment.

This is because True & Essential Fulfillment can only be attained & maintained through a Holistic approach - offered simultaneously, in an equal frequency. ONE vortex combining ALL; creating Unity within Your Authentic Heart.


True Abundance Exists Within
The Unraveled Mysteries Of
The Authentic Heart.



Olga Dihovichnaya  - Russia

Belarusian-Russian actress and film producer

" My beloved and I were blessed to experience AhnėYah's beauty,
magic and grace several times on our journeys around the world. 

She is the most kind and pure soul, an angel walking this Earth. Able to
take you beyond your limitations, free you from any fears or illusions.
Her presence takes you straight to heaven. Heaven within.
We are now living more consciously, more free, loving
life in ways we could never have imagined before.
She is forever in our hearts. Eternally grateful. "



Imagine to have one coach, one person that holds all frequencies within, to hold space for Your Unique Being for one whole year.

In Full Presence.


In Gracious Honor & Respect.

An Alchemist who not only holds the mysteries of all aspects in Life, yet knows how to combine them into a pathway that allows You to unravel Your Inner Mystery, in Ease & Grace.

No more one-thousand-and-one steps from different coaches saying all different or similar things; yet one pathway that combines all effortlessly.


  • A Connection that Honors Your Unique and Authentic Being in full celebration of Your Higher Potential becoming Embodied in Grace.

  • A Connection wherein All the Keys are readily ordered for You to unlock your inherent infinite potential; to come to spiritual, emotional, mental & physical health and balance.

  • A Connection offering precisely attuned Activation of the Essence within, both remote and in person - through singular sessions and private retreats.

  • A Connection igniting the Embodiment of Your True Nature and Inner Peace.

  • A Connection based on Unconditional Love, Essential Innerstanding and perfectly aligned programs supporting Your unique body, heart and soul towards a deeper sense of fulfillment.

When this Resonates with Your Heart and Soul, You will deeply InJoy AhnėYah's personal and exclusive program.



Sergey - Russia

CEO - Fortune 500 Company

" Working with AhnėYah has been wonderful from beginning to end.
When I saw the codes for the first time, I knew immediately:


This is what it's all about.

Her presence in our lives has enriched
the total experience of walking this Earth. "

Quality & Exclusivity

This Exclusive Private Coaching Program is offered to max. 2 clients per year;
which assures Quality & Efficiency. Couples Coaching is an option.
This offer starts at 50k per person for a one-year all-in program.

Resonance is of upmost importance; both from You to AhnėYah - as from AhnėYah to You.
Resonance guarantees the most beneficial and thorough development of the process.
Therefore, a Resonance Call is required to book this Premium Coaching Program.

Premium Coaching Benefits


Customized Coaching and full 
access to the ARACEAE program


24/7 Support Through Email


Weekly Check-in Through Phone, Video or In Person



Personalized Dietary & Exercise Guidance and Planning


One-on-One Private Retreats


Monthly - In Depth - Personalized Quantum DNA-Upgrade

Reconnect within the Essence

Request a free Resonance Call with AhnėYah Yahrin

Closeup Portrait


Dimitri - Russia


" My wife and I met AhnėYah shortly on our trip to Bali.
It was an experience never to be forgotten. She helped us come
closer together like we never would've imagined - and not through

couples therapy; yet through allowing me to feel where true
love resides. Thanks to AhnėYah I feel One within my
heart, and so I can share this Love with my wife.


Highly Recommend. "

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