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Reconnect Within the Essence

Request a Resonance Call with AhnėYah Yahrin

About AhnėYah Yahrin

AhnėYah's expertise of more than twenty years in the field of Consciousness Expansion, Mysticism and Embodiment is unique due to her groundbreaking approach of Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

She will offer You a space of grounded Respect, Honor, Kindness, Realness and a Fierce Clarity that will awaken Your Deepest Truth into Embodiment - within Ease & Grace - towards the realization of True Love, Inner Peace and Essential Abundance. 

Her space holding allows You to stay grounded in Your day-to-day life, whilst simultaneously expanding Beyond, and explore Your hidden mysteries.


When You Are Ready to Transcend Beyond and unlock Your Higher Potential, You are in the right place. 

Book Your free Resonance Call and see how working with AhnėYah can improve Your Life on all levels.

Working with AhnėYah Yahrin will be beneficial & effective for You when:

* You are an Evolutionary Being - willing and ready to evolve beyond Your limitations and face any obstacles that may arise.

* You are a Courageous & Responsible Soul - capable to take necessary steps that will improve Your life and the world around You, even when it's not obvious.

* You Love Life - and FEEL deep down there is something BEYOND what You are currently able to See and Experience.

* You are Ready to Go Beyond - and open to let go addictive habits, patterns and belief systems that are no longer serving Your Highest Good.

* You are Willing & Capable to Invest in Your Self - and are joyfully anticipating the deep dive into the Essence of Your True Nature. 

* You are Here to Be Your most True & Integer Authentic Self - not just for Your own benefit but for the greater good of the Whole.

* You Love the Mystery of Consciousness Expansion - Open to See with New Eyes, confront Your deepest subconscious and embrace deeper Grace within the ever expanding and vast Unknown.

* You Don't Really Know Why... Yet You just FEEL THIS IS IT and want to explore more.

Embody within Ease & Grace

During this call, AhnėYah will move with You through Your core question or limitation and provide You a possibility to come to resolution. 


This call is meant for those who are seriously interested to participate in One of AhnėYah's coaching programs or a Tatau Ceremony. This is not a private session.


Upon requesting Your free Resonance Call, You will be asked to fill in a form with some preparing questions. This helps AhnėYah to tune into Your situation beforehand and so be able to offer You more efficient information.

These forms are carefully taken through by AhnėYah and/or her assistant. When we feel Your current situation is not a fit to the programs offered in Garden of Araina, we will of course notify you via email and (when applicable) provide guidance in how You can prepare to be able to join in the future.


Request a Resonance Call

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purpose of validating Your potential participation in Our Offerings.

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