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Araina Guardian Mirrors - Set of Respect & Honor - Mandorla Frame

Araina Guardian Mirrors - Set of Respect & Honor - Mandorla Frame

SET OF TWO Golden Araina Mirrors (acrylic) engraved with the Genetic Key Code of Honor and Respect.

Wooden Mandorla frame, stained in ivory white.


Size of one Mirror: 22 x 38cm (8.8" x 15")

Thickness frame: 9mm (3/8")


Home-made per order by AhnėYah Yahrin, blessed within Essential Prayers for each individual customer.




The Araina Guardian Mirrors feature an elegant Mandorla Frame; symbolizing the blending of opposing energies towards deeper Balance and Harmony.


Made with premium materials, it is designed to clear and purify the energy in a room, creating a serene and respectful atmosphere. The Genetic Key Codes of Honor and Respect serve as a reminder to embrace All of Life as a Blessing, fostering a sense of respect and love in Your home.


In using both mirrors together, One can form a "portal of True Respect and Honor" in any space; by placing them on either side of the entry door of Your home, Your healing space, Your ceremony room, Your atelier, Your office, Your bedroom... or on either sode of Your bed, or Your desk,... OR You can place them on opposite walls facing each other - literally forming a "beam" of them reflecting each other infinitely, strengthening their beneficial vortex.


This mirror set is not just a decorative piece, but also a tool for self-reflection and raising One's consciousness through Mirror Meditation. (see my Blog for more information)


Elevate the energy in Your living space and Your inner awareness with this powerful set, acting as Guardians for Your Sanctuary.




How to use an Araina Genetic Key Code Mirror:


  • Can be used for Mirror Meditation
  • Home Decor: use Your intuition as to where the mirror wants to be placed. Genetic Key Code Mirrors tend to also want to move around once in a while to shift the energies in the space.
  • Altar decoration
  • Crystal grid
  • Upgrading station (placemat) for water, food, essential oils, Araina Essences, etc.
  • And particularly for this set: Use them as Guardians in entry spaces.





  • CARE

    Care for Your Araina Mirror through keeping it out of moisture.

    Acrylic mirrors are much lighter than normal mirrors, and practically unbreakable. However they are not scratch-free. Be careful in cleaning Your mirror; use the same products as You would use to clean Your glasses or computer screens.
    In the case of scratches, You can use "Quixx Xerapol Acrylic Scratch Remover" to gently remove them.

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