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Araina Mirror of Resilience - Round Wooden Frame

Araina Mirror of Resilience - Round Wooden Frame

Golden Mirror (acrylic) engraved with the Genetic Key Code of Resilience. 
Custom made round wooden frame, stained in white.


Size mirror with frame: 29cm/11.5" diameter 

Frame width: 3cm / 1.1"

Frame thickness: 9mm/3/8"


Durable and lightweight.


100% eco-friendly materials.


Comes as placemat with rubber feet or as mirror with hanging attachment.


Home-made per order by AhnėYah Yahrin, blessed within Essential Prayers for each individual customer.




Add a touch of natural beauty and grace to your living space with the Araina Mirror of Resilience.

The sleek and elegant design of this mirror promotes a sense of unity and wholeness in your space, creating a harmonious ambiance.

The round shape symbolizes the infinity of consciousness, while the mirror's reflective surface - with the Genetic Key Code of Resilience engraved within it - activates a deeper sense of resilience within yourself and those around you.

Raise the vibration in your home, healing room or office with this stunning piece that embodies the strength and resilience needed to thrive in today's world.

Whether you hang it in your entryway, living room, or bedroom, the Araina Mirror of Resilience is sure to become a beloved focal point in your home.


This mirror is not just a decorative piece, but also a tool for self-reflection and raising One's consciousness through Mirror Meditation. (see my Blog for more information)

Elevate the energy in Your living space and Your inner awareness with the Araina Mirror of Resilience.




Benefits Genetic Key Code of Resilience:

  • Activates deeper inner strength to break through adversities
  • Inspires One to simplify in order to gain a deeper Focus on what truly matters
  • Allows One to feel a deeper Peace with what is, as to find new inspiration to move forward
  • Activates deeper Patience and Trust
  • Inspires One to "Just Go For It" and release any kind of perfectionism or nit-picking
  • Reconnects One with the Heart, and so find the answers therein
  • ...




How to use an Araina Genetic Key Code Mirror:


  • Can be used for Mirror Meditation
  • Home Decor: use Your intuition as to where the mirror wants to be placed. Genetic Key Code Mirrors tend to also want to move around once in a while to shift the energies in the space.
  • Altar decoration
  • Crystal grid
  • Upgrading station (placemat) for water, food, essential oils, Araina Essences, etc.


  • CARE

    Care for Your Araina Mirror through keeping it out of moisture.

    Acrylic mirrors are much lighter than normal mirrors, and practically unbreakable. However they are not scratch-free. Be careful in cleaning Your mirror; use the same products as You would use to clean Your glasses or computer screens.
    In the case of scratches, You can use "Quixx Xerapol Acrylic Scratch Remover" to gently remove them.

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