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Araina Essence - VIOLET FLAME - Silver Line

Araina Essence - VIOLET FLAME - Silver Line

The Araina Essence *VIOLET FLAME* is a powerful alchemical elixir - a high frequency tool for those seeking a deeper connection with inner alchemy, self-realization, protection and evolution. 

Araina Essence VIOLET FLAME from the Silver Line is a powerful healing tool designed to promote spiritual growth and self-discovery. This alchemy elixir is an essence that harnesses the transformative power of the violet flame, which is known for its ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. The Violet Flame essence provides protection and raises consciousness to so help individuals connect with their higher selves. 100% made with love focus, care, and devotion, this product is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual journey.




This Araina Essence holds the Genetic Key Code Combination of:
- Genetic Key Code of Beauty: helps to break through falsehood and illusions

- Genetic Key Code of Empowerment: embodiment of One's True Authentic Power

- Genetic Key Code of Protection: clarification, awareness, protection from within

- Genetic Key Code of Intuition: connection within One's Heart and One's inherent wisdom and intuitive nature.




Made within absolute love and care - in a very devoted ceremonial presence of 6 months - this essence contains a very highly finetuned alchemical quality. 




This powerful essence with its specific Key Code Combination is designed to help you access the transformative energies of the Violet Flame which is known to transmute negative energy into positive, transcending energy: bringing protection adn raising the consciousness.

The Violet Flame allows You to release old patterns and limitations and step into a new level of consciousness. Use this essence to connect with the Divine and Your True Self; supporting Your journey of self-discovery and growth, bringing deep healing towards a more harmonious and peaceful life.


Whether You are a spiritual seeker, a healer or just looking for a powerful tool for personal growth; Araina Essence *VIOLET FLAME* is the perfect choice.



The Genetic Key Code combinationpresent in this Essence also works on its own, apart from the Violet Flame energy: One therefor doesn't "have to" work with the Violet Flame - this combination of Genetic Key Codes gives the same effect as would the True Protective Field of the Violet Flame.




BENEFITS of the Araina Essence *VIOLET FLAME*:


  • Assists in breaking through illusions and gaining clarity in any situation in life
  • Can help greatly with moving through and out of burnouts through giving You the insight of what caused the burnout in the first place
  • Helps in attaining a deeper connection within One's True Self and Inner Wisdom
  • Strengthens One's Intuition
  • Assists in feeling more protected from within, and clears out anything which does not serve the Embodiment of One's True Self and One's inner sense of Peace and Empowerment
  • Clears out projections/psychic attacks through allowing One to become more conscious of any blind spots and so becoming stronger from within
  • Specifically supportive for those who do a lot of healing/sessions/space holding with metaphysical/spiritual/alchemical work and body work
  • Assists in attaining a stronger energetic field, healthier boundaries, and more integer assertiveness 
  • Allows One to become more self-empowered and confident within One's Authentic Nature
  • Assists in attracting and finding innovative resolutions and solutions
  • Supports Inner Peace
  • ...




All Araina Essences come in the high quality MIRON VIOLET GLASS; guaranteeing a long preservation of Your Araina Essence, both physically as energetically.


Available in stock bottle 10ml or 30ml.

All prices are tax included.


A stock bottle will last you a very long time (10ml = possible up to 3 months continous use); You can use directly from the stock bottle, however it is advised to dillute this essence into dosage bottles to enjoy a longer term use. You can find all information on how to make the dosage bottle and how to use the essence here: 

How to use Araina Essences:





The Violet Flame is an ancient alchemical elixir transmitted through the energy field of "Saint Germain". It has been used by many to gain and maintain higher consciousness as well as to bring more love, mercy, justice, freedom and beneficial transmutation into the world. 

The Violet Flame is an important Key in the metaphysical mechanics that cause Miracles to exist, especially when used in the correct manner. It has long been a mystery teaching, yet has been released more and more into the collective field, to bring support in these intense changing times.




AhneYah Yahrin channeled the Genetic Key Code construction which supports the activation of the Violet Flame within One’s Being. The Violet Flame is a very powerful alchemical tool which requires meticulous focus to call it in and use it correctly for potent and beneficial outcomes. The specific combination of the Genetic Key Codes of Beauty, Empowerment, Intuition and Protection helps to achieve this focus within and so be able to use the Violet Flame more effectively; accelerating One’s Awareness to grow and evolve within One’s Consciousness, and forming a stronger protective field from WITHIN during One’s individual Ascension Process and One’s Divine Service within the Whole.


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