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Araina Essence - TRUE HEART'S CORE - Gold Line

Araina Essence - TRUE HEART'S CORE - Gold Line

The Araina Essence *TRUE HEART'S CORE* is a powerful alchemical elixir based on the Genetic True Heart's Core Key Code - a high frequency Essence for those seeking a deeperconnection within All That Is and expand the Ethereal Awarenss. 


Araina Essence TRUE HEART'S CORE from the Gold Line is a powerful alchemical elixir that helps You connect ever deeper with Your true heart's essence. This Essence helps You embrace All That Is and remember Your miraculous nature - attracting more Miralces in life. With this essence, You will feel an expansion within Your heart and connect with a higher abundance of ease and grace. This Essence will help You feel divine love and connected within the Sacred Unified Heart.




This Essence holds the Genetic True Heart's Core Key Code: assists in the balancing and embodiment of the Ethereal Body and allows One to Transcend within the Essential Presence of Gracious Devotion and Abundance.




Made within absolute love and care - in a very devoted ceremonial presence of 6 months - this essence contains a very highly finetuned alchemical quality. 




Benefits Araina Essence - TRUE HEART'S CORE:

  • Opens the Heart
  • Integrates deeper Ease and Grace
  • Allows One to reconnect within One's inner Miraculous Nature
  • Attracts Miracles
  • Allows One to feel more abundant from within
  • Brings Essential Remembrance
  • Allows One to connect deeper within the Divine and the Sacred; feeling more Grace and Ease
  • Opens One up to the Beyond
  • Allows One to detach from the stories adn the mundane and feel more connected to the Essence
  • ...




All Araina Essences come in the high quality MIRON VIOLET GLASS; guaranteeing a long preservation of Your Araina Essence, both physically as energetically.


Available in stock bottle 10ml or 30ml.

All prices are tax included.


A stock bottle will last you a very long time (10ml = possible up to 3 months continous use); You can use directly from the stock bottle, however it is advised to dillute this essence into dosage bottles to enjoy a longer term use. You can find all information on how to make the dosage bottle and how to use the essence here: 

How to use Araina Essences:

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