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Araina Essence - GRACIOUS LOVE - Copper Line

Araina Essence - GRACIOUS LOVE - Copper Line

The Araina Essence *GRACIOUS LOVE* is a powerful alchemical elixir - a high frequency tool for those seeking a deeper connection with inner alchemy, self-realization, protection and evolution. 


Araina Essence GRACIOUS LOVE from the Copper Line is a powerful alchemical elixir that embodies the essence of True Love. This Essence will help You reconnect within True Self-Love and reflect it out into the world, helping You find Your true beloved within and without. By using this essence, You can balance Your relationships, attract love, create equality, harmonize existing relationships and attract new beneficial and harmonious relations. With GRACIOUS LOVE You can tap into the field of True Love and create a life filled with harmony, equality and an abundance of loving grace.




This Araina Essence holds the Genetic Key Code Combination of:

- Genetic Core Key Code of Love: assists in the embodiment of Your spiritual exapnsion and activates deeper Self-Love

- Genetic Key Code of Equality: allows You to balance Your inner feminine/masculine dynamic and open up to greater and True Divine Love that is beneficial for All

- Genetic Key Code of Trust: brings in a deeper relaxed feeling of Trust; that You are capable of and allowed to attract more Love in Your Life

- Genetic Key Code of Surrender: allows You to surrender to and transcend into a new dimension where You are realizing more Love within and without

- Genetic Key Code of Come*Unity: allows You to feel One within True Love, and attract more loving people into Your life

- Genetic Key Code of Balance: allows You to stay balanced and True to Your intuitive nature, and not fall into codependent relationship patterns

- Genetic Key Code of Prayer: assists in the embodiment of Your inner True Beloved (Your True Self) and the attraction of a True Beloved within a healthy relationship




Made within absolute love and care - in a very devoted ceremonial presence of 6 months - this essence contains a very highly finetuned alchemical quality. 




This powerful essence with its specific Key Code Combination is designed to help You reconnect within Essential Love, Divine Love, True Love - and so radiate this Love into Your daily life experience and see it become reflected in all ways.
It helps You to feel more grounded, safe and secure within the remembrance that You are Loved, that You are worthy of Love and being Loved, and most of all; that You ARE Love.
It is within the realization that One IS Love, that One can attract Harmonious and Equal Love within any form of relation.




BENEFITS of the Araina Essence *GRACIOUS LOVE*:


  • Allows One to feel Love from within: "I Am Loved, I Am Worthy of Love, I AM LOVE"
  • Embodies harmonious and equal love on all levels
  • Resolves any subconscious patterns of codependency
  • Activates deeper self-love and self-care
  • Allows the Authentic Heart to Radiate stronger, and so attracts more harmonious connections into One's Life - on all levels
  • Assists in the embodiment of Your inner True Beloved (Your True Self) and the attraction of a True Beloved within a healthy relationship
  • Allows You to stay balanced and True within Your True Self, as to not "fall" in Love - yet to "BE" in Love
  • Activates deeper Trust; that Your True Beloved is present within and without, and that You are worthy of this connection - within and without
  • Balances and Harmonizes existing relationships: brings in more Equality and Trust within relationship dynamics
  • Allows One to open up to greater Love - within and without
  • Assists in the attraction of new beneficial relations
  • Allows One to notice red flags more clearly and stay clear from imbalanced relations - and/or make more firm decisions within existing toxic relations
  • Supports Inner Peace through realizing One is ONE WITH LOVE All*Ways
  • ...




All Araina Essences come in the high quality MIRON VIOLET GLASS; guaranteeing a long preservation of Your Araina Essence, both physically as energetically.


Available in stock bottle 10ml or 30ml.

All prices are tax included.


A stock bottle will last you a very long time (10ml = possible up to 3 months continous use); You can use directly from the stock bottle, however it is advised to dillute this essence into dosage bottles to enjoy a longer term use. You can find all information on how to make the dosage bottle and how to use the essence here: 

How to use Araina Essences:

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