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Araina Essence - CLOAK OF PURITY - Silver Line

Araina Essence - CLOAK OF PURITY - Silver Line

The Araina Essence *CLOAK OF PURITY* is a powerful alchemical elixir - a high frequency tool for those seeking a deeper connection with inner alchemy, self-realization, protection and evolution. 


The Araina Essence CLOAK OF PURITY from the Silver Line is a powerful alchemical elixir that serves as a potent healing tool. It brings clarity and focus to the mind, helping One to stay on the True Path and stay motivated to Serve the Divine (the Benefit of All That Is).
This Essence also provides protection from the evil eye and bad intentions of others, cloaking the wearer in a shield of Purity. With CLOAK OF PURITY, you can confidently navigate the world with peace of mind and a clear sense of purpose. 100% made with love focus, care, and devotion, this product is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their Authentic Presence and Service in the world.



This Araina Essence holds the Genetic Key Code Combination of:
- Genetic Key Code of Integrity: allows One to embody One's Integrioty more strongly, adn radiate out a field of integrity that so repels all which is not of integrity.

- Genetic Key Code of Clear Transmission: allows One to be focussed and clear within One's authentic being, and channel the divine information that benefits the All.

- Genetic Key Code of Surrender: allows One to surrender deeper to One's True Self and also to find new pathways that make One able to be in Service more effectively.

- Genetic Key Code of Containment: allows One to remember more graciously how to hold space, for the self and for others.

- Genetic Key Code of Sanctuary: allows One to feel safe and protected, and teaches One how to build One's inner sanctuary/presence more strongly.




Made within absolute love and care - in a very devoted ceremonial presence of 6 months - this essence contains a very highly finetuned alchemical quality. 




This powerful essence with its specific Key Code Combination is designed to help You remain unseen and unbothered by those who wish You harm, so You can be in Divine Service in absolute Focus.
This essence is not a "disguising" device; it however strengthens the Purity that is already embodied, and helps to radiate this Purity out stronger adn more effectively, so that it forms the "Cloak of Purity" that protects from the Evil Eye. The radiance of Your inherent Purity will blind the distracting energies and expand into a field of more possibilities.
The stronger One becomes in their embodied Service - a Pure Service that brings Benefits to All That Is - the more One will become visible to those energies that create the opposite; this is the eternal balancing that takes place within this Universe. Therefor; the higher One's Consciousness, the more it is important to stay balanced and focussed within One's expanding Purity.
(If someone with bad intentions would use this Essence, this cloak will not work, and instead will bring that person through a deep process of realizing what True Integrity is.) 




BENEFITS of the Araina Essence *CLOAK OF PURITY*:


  • Helps One to See how to be more strong and effective within One's Authentic Divine Service
  • Opens up new doors, new pathways; that allow One to be able to find innovative ways to bring One's Service into the world in an ever more effective way
  • Assists in allowing One's Purity to Radiate more strongly and so ward off the evil eye
  • Allows One to find a deeper Focus on what truly matters, and not give attention to distracting energies like the ill will of others, jealousy, manipulation, etc.
  • Allows One to remember more deeply how to build an inner Sanctuary that supports One's Earthly Walk from the inside out
  • Assists One to connect ever deeper within the truth of One's Integrity and so be able to Walk One's Path in Strength, Grace and Devotion
  • Purifies the Mind form the "inner evil eye", as in; it helps to clear out subconscious self-sabotage and overthinking - to so guide One's Focus and thoughts towards a more positive and productive thinking
  • Allows One to Celebrate One's Authenticity - no matter what others think or say - and stay motivated to embody this Authenticity for the benefit of All
  • Helps One to be in ever more gracious Divine Service and bring healing to others in innovative and effective ways
  • Supports Inner Peace
  • ...




All Araina Essences come in the high quality MIRON VIOLET GLASS; guaranteeing a long preservation of Your Araina Essence, both physically as energetically.


Available in stock bottle 10ml or 30ml.

All prices are tax included.


A stock bottle will last you a very long time (10ml = possible up to 3 months continous use); You can use directly from the stock bottle, however it is advised to dillute this essence into dosage bottles to enjoy a longer term use. You can find all information on how to make the dosage bottle and how to use the essence here: 

How to use Araina Essences:

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