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Araina Coaster Set - Hyaline

Araina Coaster Set - Hyaline

Araina Coaster Set  - Set of 4 coasters with the 4 Genetic Core key Codes - in eco-friendly seethrough acrylic.


Elevate the energy in your home with the Araina Coaster Set, designed to upgrade the vibration of your water and other liquids.


This revolutionary product incorporates genetic key code alchemy and quantum activation to raise the frequency of the substances it holds.


By placing your glasses or bottles on these coasters, you will infuse your water with positive energy that beneficially improves your DNA.


Made from lightweight, eco-friendly materials, these coasters are not only easy to use but also environmentally conscious.


Enhance your daily rituals with the Araina Coaster Set and experience the powerful effects of raising vibrations in your home.




Each coaster holds one of the 4 base Genetic Core Key Codes:


- Genetic Core Key Code of Love: rebalances and upgrades the spiritual body - embodies self love and sense of purpose

- Genetic Core Key Code of Focus: rebalances and upgrades the emotional body - releases addictions and improves relations

- Genetic Core Key Code of Creation: rebalances and upgrades the mental body - recallibrates neurons in the brain, clarifies

- Genetic Core Key Code of Harmony: rebalances and upgrades the physical body - embodies, grounds, harmonizes


Size: 8.5cm / 3.3" diameter

Comes with rubber anti slip feet.

Set of 4 coasters


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