DNA Upgrading Home & Body Ware

All Araina Products are Eco-Friendly made,

Within Higher Love and Divine Integrity, for the
Sole Purpose to assist You on Your Life's Journey.

All Key Code Designs You see imprinted or lasered on

The Araina Products have been first channeled and HAND-DRAWN by AhnéYah Divinity

All Products are hand made by AhnéYah (some
Products by a third company) within the highest
Quality materials, for Your optimum


Diamond Genetic Key Codes vibrate at level 999 on
The Map Of Consciousness by
dr. David Hawkins.
Hence All Araina Products, which are imprinted or engraved
With these powerful Codes assist Those who Consciously
Choose to Rise within Their Consciousness. Simply
Having one or more of these products in Your
Home, Naturally Activates the Field of
Ascension into Divinity. As They
Vibrate at this Higher Level, They
Do not require extra Activation, and they

Simultaneously stay Clear from any distracting
Energies; They do not require energetic clearing.

"May These Products Bless Your Home,
Your Life And Your Beloveds
Within True Abundance
On All Levels."


upgrade your Dna:

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