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Authenticity Hyaline

Authenticity Hyaline

The Garden is excited to introduce a new alchemy creation, called The Genetic Key Code Hyalines™  :


"Hyaline" means "glassy and translucent in appearance" or "a smooth sea or a clear sky". A Genetic Key Code Hyaline is a powerful alchemical tool that brings deeper clarity within the field, as to smooth out any kind of turbulence and/or disturbances.


The alchemy of the Genetic Key Codes mixed with the translucency of the Hyaline, allows the Codes to permeate within the levels unseen - within the blind spots of One's own consciousness and within the hidden realms of One's reality - and so reveal the treasures of a Higher Clarity and Purity. 




This specific Hyaline holds a beautiful mandala of the Gylded Genetic Key Code of Authenticity:

Authenticity is Key for One to feel harmonious and embodied within One's True Nature. Authenticity is Key to attain and maintain Abundance on any level. Authenticity is Key to protect One from harmful energies.


BENEFITS of this Genetic Key Code:

- Helps with the purification of One's perceptions

- Actiavtes a deeper focus on the origin/essence: awakens deeper originality within one's expressions

- Boosts authentic creativity

- Brings courage in "being different" and "pushing the boundaries of the conformity", in being innovative

- Brings more strength in standing on One's own two feet

- Activates deeper discernment

- Helps to release the ego and resolve blind spots into higher wisdom.

- Gives One the strength to be free within One's Authenticity, within One's Heart and One's True Nature.




A Genetic Key Code Hyaline™ can be used as:


- Wall decoration

- Placemat

- Window decoration

- Altar decoration

- Crystal Grid

- ...





All codes are handdrawn by AhnėYah before they are processed digitally (also each dot by hand) and so made to be laser-etched on the products. This particular code took for example 3.5 months to make.




These beautiful art pieces are made with an eco-friendly recycled acrylic, and have a very glass-like appearance, yet a much higher endurance as they do not break as easily as glass. They are also much lighter, making them easy to travel with and to ship worldwide.


They come with one small hole on the top, through which they can be attached to the wall or hung up in front of a window.


Size: +/- 30cm diameter

Thickness: 3mm

Size hole: 1,5mm



When You choose the option of the Swarovski crystal sun catcher, the thread to hang the Hyaline will be included.

Size sun catcher: 4 by 12 cm with 4 separate crystals attached.




Made per order.


Shipped worldwide. 


Each item within Garden of Araina is home made by AhnėYah Yahrin in absolute focus and care, and blessed within Essential Prayers before shipped to You.

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