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Grace . Evolution . Essential Living .

Discover a new philosophy, offering You a pathway of Ease & Grace to embody the Mysteries of Your Authentic Nature.

Welcome to Garden of Araina, the leading vortex offering Genetic Key Code Alchemy - the innovative metaphysical technology created by AhnėYah Yahrin - supporting efficient & effective embodiment of One's True Self.

Genetic Key Code Alchemy is the Pioneer Gracious Modality
Unlocking the Mysteries 
Within You, towards Authentic Embodiment, Inner Peace & Essential FreedOhm.


This Alchemy provides unparalleled Purity and Clarity towards beneficial individual and collective evolution. It is a gracious pathway to Authentic FreedOhm; which is essential for a harmonious world.

Garden of Araina is the ultimate destination for individuals who are ready to unlock their full potential and ascend into their Authentic Mastery.
All offerings created in the Garden
 support transcending self-discovery and personal growth, for the benefit of All That Is.


" Humanity is in need of a New Philosophy;

A philosophy that Supports, Ignites and Inspires

Authentic Evolution - As Authentic Embodiment

Is the One Source of True Harmony & Peace.


Genetic Key Code Alchemy opens the door

To See what exists Beyond, through unlocking
The Mysteries from Within - and so offers
Support within the realization of
Humanity's Higher Potential. "

AhnéYah Yahrin

Discover a New Vision on Life

Are You ready to Embrace Your True Self ?

Are You ready to
Break Free from the norm,
Evolve Beyond and Embody Your most

True and Essential Nature ?

Are You ready to feel
Authentic Freedom within
Every movement, within
Every breath?


Are You ready to fill up the
deepest emptiness with radiant

Joy, Wisdom, Balance & Grace ?

Then the moment has come to
Unlock Your Inner Mysteries and
See Life within a
New Vision that
True Inner Peace, for
Ever more...

Watch this VIDEO to find out more & connect within a field of Conscious Expansion


About AhnéYah Yahrin

Founder Garden of Araina - Visionary Yahrin Philosophy - Pioneer Genetic Key Code Alchemy

My name is AhnėYah Yahrin and my mission is to inspire Authentic Embodiment and Soul Sovereignty - for You to experience more FreedOhm and to evolve together towards a more harmonious world.

My more than twenty years expertise in the field of consciousness expansion, rebirth, transcendence and embodiment is unique due to my innovative approach of Genetic Key Code Alchemy; a pioneer modality bringing efficient & effective DNA upgrade on all levels.

In today's world it can be confusing to find Clarity, Purity and Truth.
My visionary philosophy and techniques inspire to
Reconnect Within Your Inner Mysteries, allowing You to successfully break free from the norm and easily release all which no longer serves into a Life of Fulfillment

When You are Ready to Be True to Your Heart's Mission and Essential Fulfillment, feel welcome to connect within a free Resonance Call, where we can See together how my services can support.

In Grace & Respect,
AhnėYah Yahrin

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Katarina - Belgium

Katarina Goyvaerts

AhneYah took me on the most wonderful journey I could ever dream of.
It went far beyond what I ever could have imagined. She showed me a path

of clarity, of balance, of full liberation, inside and out. 

I find that when I work with the structure offered in ARACEAE,

that I effortlessly come into balance and a sense of release. All the stress of​

The world just naturally resolves and I can easily observe. It is truly

Miraculous how easy the process is and how rapidly

 I see and feel myself evolving.

AhnėYah’s teachings didn’t change me, they brought me closer to my inner core,

to my true self. She knows how deeply I respect and love her,

it is impossible for me to fully put that into words...

Embrace Your Authentic Freedom

Embrace a New Philosophy and uncover Your Natural & True Self

With the Pioneer & Transcending Genetic Key Code Alchemy

If You feel like "Something's Missing"

It's because there IS more!

And it is waiting, deep inside of You
To become unraveled into Your most
Graceful & Authentic Presence.

Unravel the Mystery Now :

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