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Grace . Evolution . Essential Living .

About Section

Welcome to Garden of Araina ,

The World's pioneer Visionary vortex bringing
Genetic Key Code Alchemy
for the Beneficial Evolution of Humanity .

Genetic Key Code Alchemy™

A Garden of
Essential Purity

Here in the Garden we believe that True Authenticity is
Key to living a peaceful and harmonious life, on all levels.

Our Focus is to help You reunite with Your True Self,
Embody Your higher potential and live consciously
Within True Freedom. Our products & services
Will assist You to regain self-empowerment
And tap into Your inner Wisdom so You

Can successfully raise Your Vibration,
Increase Your well being, upgrade
Your Life & Live in Abundance.


Garden of Araina

Genetic Key Code Tatau

Receive a transcending Tatau Ceremony with the Genetic Key Codes and upgrade your Essential DNA.

This sacred experience is offered in a private, serene and intimate space, performed by

Certified Genetic Key Code Tatau Alchemists - exclusively available in the Araina Sanctuary.

We provide unique Genetic Key Code designs, created to support and activate Your Authentic Essence.

Genetic Key Code Tattoo - Tatau
Genetic Key Code Tattoo - Tatau
Genetic Key Code Tattoo - Tatau

The Power of
       True Alchemy

Discover our innovative and energy-enhancing

home decor, jewelry and natural wellness products,

designed to help You connect with Your

Inner Self and find Serenity. 


Our products are made with Love and Care,

using only the highest quality materials and

ingredients within Respect for Nature

and Your Health & Well Being.


Customer Reviews

" Thank You for what You do

and what You create.

Thank You for allowing

Source to work through You." 

Ya El - USA

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

Sat - Sun

9 am    -    2 pm

The Araina Sanctuary can be visited ONLY BY APPOINTMENT: ***  WE DO NOT TAKE WALK-INS  ***
Please book Your session here or email us at
to visit the Garden on different hours/days.


Our Location

Lange Nieuwstraat 45/005, Antwerp, Belgium

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