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Relationship Reading

1 Hour Genetic Key Code Reading - focussed on relationships

Service Description

A Genetic Key Code Reading is a combination of intuitive channeling and the technology of the Genetic Key Codes; completely unique in this world. ​ Experience the therapy of the future: unlike other forms of readings (tarot, oracle, human design, astrology, gene keys,...) this unique technology opens up Your Infinite Potential to discover Your True Self. No longer will You be defined by limiting labels - You will see Yourself as omnipotent beyond. After just one hour, gain the Clarity You need to come home to Your Authentic Self and take the next steps on Your journey. Any questions you have will be answered with care and detail; dissolving any doubt, distracting and/or destructive thought patterns, emotional blockages and hidden blind spots. THIS READING IS SPECIFICALLY FOCUSSED ON RELATIONSHIPS: - Can be booked for single person or as a couple - Focusses on inner Masculine/Feminine dynamic - Releases judgement, projections and miscommunications - Brings deeper trust, confidence and independent harmony ​ You will receive the audio recording and information for best integration through email when the session is finished. _________________________________________________________________ INCLUDED IN THIS SESSION: - 1 Hour Genetic Key Code Reading - Audio Recording of the Reading (sent to You by email) - (email) document with preparation and integration guidance + extra incl. with the in person session at the Araina Sanctuary; be received in a serene environment with a nice cup of tea infused with the Araina Essences. - OPTION: Personalized Essence (single or couple)

Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULE POLICY: * FOR ARACEAE DISCOVERY CALL: Cancellation or rescheduling can take place up to 24h before the session begins. Even though this session is free; please honor our time and if You cannot come; cancel or reschedule - do not ghost. Thank You. * FOR ALL KEY CODE READING & ESSENCE SESSIONS: You can cancel or reschedule Your appointment up to 24 hours before Your appointment takes place. When You cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before Your appointment, you will be charged the full amount and there will be no refund. * FOR TATAU CEREMONY: You can cancel Your Tatau Ceremony up to 1 month before Your appointment takes place, and receive a full refund of the deposit. When You cancel less than 1 month before the appointment, You will not receive a refund. In case You have made the appointment less than 1 month before the appointment date, You will not receive any refunds of the deposit. You can reschedule up to 2 weeks before the appointment date. The deposit will then be valid for the rescheduled date. If you reschedule less than 2 weeks before, you will be charged the full amount and there will be no refund of the deposit.

Contact Details

Lange Nieuwstraat 45/005, Antwerp, Belgium

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