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Personal Genetic Key Code Retreat

3 Hour Genetic Key Code Immersion

Service Description

Enjoy a powerful combination of a Genetic Key Code Reading and an Essential Embodiment Session, for a full immersion in Genetic Key Code Alchemy and the deepest Divine Release experience. Leave relaxed, clarified and purified, ready to embark Your Life in a renewed way. *** INCLUDED IN YOUR PERSONAL RETREAT: 3 hours at the serene Araina Sanctuary holding; - 1 hour Genetic Key Code Reading + audio recording - 33 to 45 min Essential Embodiment Session with one hour integration time - Araina Essence activated beverages and snacks - OPTION: Personalized Araina Essence (+55 euro extra)

Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION & RESCHEDULE POLICY: * FOR ARACEAE DISCOVERY CALL: Cancellation or rescheduling can take place up to 24h before the session begins. Even though this session is free; please honor our time and if You cannot come; cancel or reschedule - do not ghost. Thank You. * FOR ALL KEY CODE READING & ESSENCE SESSIONS: You can cancel or reschedule Your appointment up to 24 hours before Your appointment takes place. When You cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before Your appointment, you will be charged the full amount and there will be no refund. * FOR TATAU CEREMONY: You can cancel Your Tatau Ceremony up to 1 month before Your appointment takes place, and receive a full refund of the deposit. When You cancel less than 1 month before the appointment, You will not receive a refund. In case You have made the appointment less than 1 month before the appointment date, You will not receive any refunds of the deposit. You can reschedule up to 2 weeks before the appointment date. The deposit will then be valid for the rescheduled date. If you reschedule less than 2 weeks before, you will be charged the full amount and there will be no refund of the deposit.

Contact Details

  • Lange Nieuwstraat 45/005, Antwerp, Belgium

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