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Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemists

Honoring Authentic Integrity

Genetic Key Code Alchemy is the exclusive metaphysical technology presented through the Yahrin Lineage. Mastering this Alchemy asks for years of committed devotion through participating in the initiations of ARACEAE (Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution). As it is an Alchemy which activates beneficial evolution in the recipient, it requires of the initiator to be in a continuous evolutionary state of Authentic Presence. This is not an easy task, and requires an immense level of courage and commitment.  

At Garden of Araina, we present an exclusive team of Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemists, which work within the Garden and/or in their own practice. Each member You see listed below has undergone a rigorous initiation process and holds a secured Certification as a graduate of the ARACEAE mystery school.
Only those listed below have participated and succeeded in the final examination of their Cycle and are allowed/capable of bringing Genetic Key Code Readings or sessions of any kind within this Alchemy.

There are different levels of Mastering Genetic Key Code Alchemy. Each following Cycle shows a deeper level of Devotion and Commitment within the ever deepening Alchemy of the Genetic Key Codes;

Cycle O : Genetic Key Code Initiate - beginner 

Cycle I : True Embodiment of the Yahrin Frequencies 

Cycle II : Genetic Key Code Transmitter (drawing of the codes)
Cycle III : Genetic Key Code Alchemist & Initiator
Cycle VI : Full Embodiment/Sovereign Mastery

Many have undergone the initiations of ARACEAE, yet not everyone has chosen to become a Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemist through participating within the final examination. Before You receive any kind of session within Genetic Key Code Alchemy, please check below if Your practitioner is indeed certified to do so. This Alchemy is very powerful and should not be taken lightly, receiving a session from an uncertified practitioner will not bring You the transcending benefits of Genetic Key Code Alchemy and can potentially result in non-beneficial outcomes.

The Garden does not take responsibility for those who undergo sessions given by uncertified practitioners.

AhnėYah Yahrin is the Originator of Genetic Key Code Alchemy and the prior Initiator in ARACEAE and Garden of Araina.


Cycle O

There are more beautiful souls who have participated in and completed Cycle O.

Listed here are only the initiates who have participated ánd succeeded in their Cycle O examination and therefor have secured their Cycle O Certificate; which means they are capable and allowed to offer Genetic Key Code Readings.


Please be aware that other Cycle O participants that are NOT listed here, are NOT certified to work with Genetic Key Code Alchemy and thus cannot give Key Code Readings or Genetic Key Code Tatau Ceremonies.

* Aura K'aran (Karen Vandenputte) - BE + Certified GKC Tatau Alchemist -

* Na'IhYah (Hester van Toorenburg) - NL

* Florence Lalanne - GR

* Carli Squitieri - USA

* Joseph Merrill - UK


Cycle I

Initiates who have completed Cycle I and have succeeded in their examination.

These initiates have fully anchored in the Ever Evolving Yahrin Frequencies and are mastered within the Innerstanding of Self-Activation, Authentic Being and Compassionate Love.

* Katarina Ava'Yahnah (Katarina Goyvaerts) - BE -

* Anna Eleyah (Anne Uytterhoeven) - BE + Certified GCK Tatau Alchemist -

* Rosemarie Patzelt - DE -


Cycle II

Initiates who have completed Cycle II and have succeeded in their examination.

These initiates have mastered the Transmission of Authentic Genetic Key Codes in the form of drawn and written images for individual and collective activation.

There are currently 3 initiates moving through Cycle II.


Cycle III

Initiates who have completed Cycle III and have succeeded in their examination.

These initiates have mastered Genetic Key Code Alchemy and are able to hold space in sessions, ceremonies, retreats, within a true deep embodied level of Clarity and Purity.

There are currently no initiates moving through Cycle III.

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