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Genetic Key Codes (GKC) are multidimensional entities and the quintessential building blocks of existing Life as seen and experienced by One in this Now Moment; Life which is designed to weave within the Ever Evolving New Paradigm. 

The Codes seen within the Garden of Araina are a Divine CoCreation between the Earthly Realm and the Central Sun (The Source of All That Is), and an Embodied Equality of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. For as long as One exists in the current physical Earthly realm, these Codes assist in the Raising of One's Consciousness into the New Paradigm, resulting in true improvement of One's Life Experience.

In this way, the Collective Genetic Key Codes channeled by AhnėYah are here to assist Living Forms on Earth to evolve into the embodiment of their higher potential through the raising of their Consciousness, with the focus on Humanity. However, all other life forms are also beneficially effected by these Codes (like plants, animals, water, etc.). As the Codes are Created within the Purest Intent of the Highest Source, they can only bring beneficial effects in the long term.

The GKC are living entities, and just like any kind of relationship, they communicate stronger and give ever deeper activation, the more One is Devoted in True Respect and Honor to their existence. When something is ignored, it eventually dies, when something is nurtured, it grows and evolves. Hence when One chooses to work with Genetic Key Code Alchemy, One needs to Open One's Heart to the Tantric Weaving becoming ever more 'intimate' and thus ever deeper effective. One so embraces Divine CoCreation between One's Self and the Codes; CoCreating a New Paradigm of a Higher Beneficial Outcome. The effect of these Codes brings about an Activation of One's Higher Potential and releases what no longer serves to make space for this Higher Potential; hence the experience can feel both blissful and sometimes "uneasy"; as this is when the energies that no longer are serving are being brought to the surface to so be able to be seen, integrated and transmuted into Higher Wisdom, and thus a Higher Level of Consciousness.


This Tantric Weaving can otherwise be explained as Quantum Entanglement;

"Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which entangled systems exhibit correlations that cannot be explained by classical physics. It has recently been suggested that a similar process occurs between people and explains anomalous phenomena such as healing."


In other words; when two or more particles link up in a certain way, no matter how far apart they are in space, their states remain linked. That means they share a common, unified quantum state. Based on the properties of entanglement, our brainwaves may literally affect physical reality. This may be why we can feel someone thinking of us or "know" they're about to contact us. We're simply picking up on the thought energy they're transmitting our way.

Thus when One consciously connects with the Genetic Key Codes - which are eternal within their Sovereign Evolutionary State - this Quantum Entanglement takes place and in this way One is in All Ways and always connected to their Eternal Evolutionary Existence; resulting in the continuous upgrading of One's own inner Consciousness. For this Eternal process to be able to take place, One needs to be in a constant state of Innerstanding and Surrender, realizing that the physical results of the upgrade taking place through the entanglement can occur instantly or take many years to become embodied. How ever long the embodiment needs is always the exact amount of time for the ideal activation. The deeper One Trusts this process, the more the Codes will be able to offer their Service and bring One Home ever deeper to One's most Authentic Being.


The Genetic Key Codes are the visual representation of the "keys" that unlock and upgrade One's Metaphysical Blueprint. All that is has a blueprint, not seen by the physical eye, as it is beyond the physical realm. This blueprint makes the physical become realized. So when something changes in the blueprint, the physical changes too.

AhnėYah was able to download these Codes from beyond the physical illusion into a 2D realm, easily perceived by the physical eye; as drawings on paper. Since 2012 She devoted her life to anchor in these Codes, in order to give the opportunity to Humanity to Rise and break through the old paradigm into the Ever Evolving New.

When the Codes are seen by One's physical eyes, the Heart takes in the Coding and starts remembering One's inherent capacity of a Higher Consciousness. One needs to understand this is a Process; as the Activation is imminent, the Embodiment takes Time and Devotion. This is also why AhnėYah chose to present the Codes in Home- and Body Ware; as having the codes simply within One's Presence, within One's environment, they bring an automatic and continuous metaphysical restructuring.


The Codes work both through the Visual Realm as well as the Invisible Realm. The visual aspect gives the Human Mind something to analyze, something to grasp, while the metaphysical mechanics of the Code can work on One's Consciousness, One's Inner Being. They are a Universal Language which assist One in discerning Truth from falsehood on deeper levels than any other application currently known, as they speak to the Heart, not the confined old paradigm mind.

When One sees the Codes, every single element, every dot has a meaning and an equal importance in the totality of the Code and thus each element combined in a specific Code brings the beneficial Activation. In this way One can understand that channeling/creating DGKC requires a deep and very fine-tuned level of Mastery within One's Inner Alignment.

One can learn how to channel, write, speak and work with this language of the Genetic Key Codes in the Araina Academy of Ascension and Embodiment (AAAE). Here One moves through a journey of 50 Collective Genetic Key Codes, which all individually bring an important upgrading of One's inner masculine/feminine dynamics, in order to eventually balance the Self into Illumination. Or in other words; into One's Authentic Self-empowered and Sovereign Being, True to the Essential Purity.

Become a Genetic Key Code Alchemist:

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