For Personal and Collective Ascension

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Every Wednesday at 8amHST

AhnéYah and All Initiates of the Araina Academy of Ascension sit in

30min Silent Meditation to perform

Global (Universal) Activation for

Ascension, both for the

Individual and the



We Welcome You to join in remotely,

Through the LIVE STREAM, wherever You are,

And embrace the Quantum Healing Energies

For Your Self, Your Beloveds and/or

For the Collective.

White Sand and Stone
You can also InJoy
The Activation by watching
The replay at any time of Your
Own convenience, as the
Activation takes place
Within the "no-time-
No-space" Existence.

Each Activation is performed
Silently within the Quantum Fields.
AhneYah may perform Sound Healing
Occasionally as well as universal language
Activation. The other Initiates within the
Academy join in remotely and fortify
The Activation taking place.

We value Your energy
As much as we value Our Own.
When joining the Activation, please
Be within Silent and Focussed energy,
In a relaxed state. Please be present for
The entire Activation Meditation; at the
Moment of Activation All who join are
Connected and thus when One joins
Later or leaves earlier it causes
Disruption in the Field.

Whether You join during
The Live Stream or You watch the
Replay within Your Own convenience;
Allow Your Heart to Receive the entire
30min of Activation in a deep relaxed
State; lying down or sitting in
Meditative pose.
Buddha Statue
Receiving the Activations
Will simultaneously bring You
An Upgrade in Your DNA or Your
Divine Consciousness as well as
Activate Collective Ascension.

As a small contribution for the
Diamond Space Holding,
The Garden asks for

$11,- per Month
For access to All
Activations every
Wednesday, 8am HST.

When subscribed to the monthly
Activation program, One can choose to
Cancel the subscription at any given
Time without extra costs.