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The Garden is created through and for the Collective Evolution.

A place where One can plant One's Seed, where One can be Nurtured within Divine Nutrients, to raise One's Vibration into One's fullest Potential, Here and Now. Connecting within the Essence - the Essential Purity of the All That Is - and so creating a more Harmonious World from within... As the World is an expression of Our Collective Inner Being.

The Nutrients of the Garden are the Collective Diamond Genetic Key Codes, which are the basics of the Blueprint - the Original True Nature - of All Living Beings in this Universe; All That Is between the Central Sun and The Earth carries these Key Codes within.

The Collective Key Codes are more and/or less activated within each and every One, creating a sense of harmony and/or separation within.

Through allowing One's Self to Remember these Codes on a metaphysical level, their reactivation and upgrade results in feeling ever deeper Embodied within One's Original True Nature -  so One's Consciousness Rises, and as the human body responds to One's Consciousness; One can so upgrade One's DNA*** and access ever deeper Wisdom from the Unified Heart, heal any dis*ease and Manifest for the Benefit of All That Is.

The more these Codes are reactivated, the closer One comes to the Embodied Enlightened State; One's True Being, Here Now.

(***DNA = Divine Nature Actualized)

Holding Plant


The Garden's Intention for the Collective Evolution, is to bring awareness to a New Education based on Remembering Our True Nature, Our Natural BeartRight of Sovereignty. 

Collectively We have the opportunity to Rise Here Now. Rise into the Presence of the One Unified Heart. The Diamond Genetic Key Codes assist in this process; to let go of the karmic cycle and step into a higher level of Sovereign Divinity; the Diamond Age.

Imagine a world where the New Generations are no longer conditioned solely by mind-based structures, thus creating limitations for One's Higher Potential to become realized. Imagine a World where We are held in an Equal Balanced Heart-Mind-based Field, and so allowed to Express Our Authentic and Unique Gift of Divinity.

The reason as to why there is so much separation and struggle, is simply because most humans are not allowed to be their True Selves, or don't even Remember their True Nature. When every One is allowed to Be who they were "designed to be"  by the Universal Law of Divine Perfection, there would only be Harmony within this duality. Opposites would dance in Divine Embrace and Innerstanding.

Even if just One person Rises his or her vibration into deeper Sovereignty, this counterbalances the collective consciousness and thus creates a beneficial effect upon the Whole, creating an opening of higher potential for anyone who feels ready to Rise.

The Garden offers a Pathway to make this transition in a Graceful and Solid way, taking these important steps without ever "falling back". Especially when One is guided to join the Araina Academy of Ascension, it is guaranteed One will become fully embodied into the Illuminated State, after completion and integration of the Course of 50 Diamond Genetic Key Codes in the online mystery school.


Currently The Garden is initiating adults in the Araina Academy of Ascension into Diamond Consciousness (Illumination & Enlightenment), to illuminate worldwide energetic Diamond Pilars for the rising of Human Consciousness, becoming space holders in multiple projects world wide, of their Own Creation or in CoCreation with The Garden.

We are working on finding land where the Garden of Araina can become materialized, and where the Diamond Ways can be experienced within the physical plane. Where the New Generations can also be held in Higher Integrity for them to stay embodied in their Divine Gift from Bearth onwards and Grow within their Unique Gift. As the Garden stands for the fact that children born in this world All*Ready carry their highest potential within, fully ready to be expressed, yet it becomes suppressed by the conditioning of current society...

The bigger project of the Garden is to create a New Education System for all generations to be held in Divine Integrity and so fully Remember and Express their True Divine Nature, resulting in a more harmonious CoExistence.

Blinding Diamonds


ARAINA stands for "Being Pure Whole and Complete".

Within the Diamond Consciousness (aka Enlightenment) One has integrated One's True Being, through accepting the Whole of One's Self and thus the All That Is, and vice versa. As One Realizes that Unity has All*Ways been and ever will Be, as it can never be "lost".

One is in each moment fully connected within the All.

Planting One's Seed in the Garden of Araina, means that One Chooses with One's Own Free Will, One's Sovereignty, to direct One's Focus to the Inner Knowing that One is All*Ready Pure Whole and Complete, and is willing to so be committed and courageous to release any conditioned patterns which do not serve the Embodiment thereof.

You Are a Diamond,


You Are Pure

Whole and Complete.

Ar Ah Nih' Yih

Oh' Lah Yah

The Divine Within Me Sees, Ignites

And Is Ignited By The Divine Within You.