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Genetic Key Code Tatau Ceremony

Garden of Araina offers an exclusive tattoo experience, that is unique in the world.
We provide a private and intimate space to align Your Higher Potential through combining Tattoo with Genetic Key Code Alchemy in a sacred ceremony. This results in an upgrade of Your Consciousness and Being, unveiling the profound mysteries of Inner Alchemy and Self-Discovery. We respect and honor integrity and self-empowerment in All, wherethrough all our sessions provide the opportunity to gain Clarity, Awakening, Healing and a greater sense of Sovereignty within Your Authentic Self. The DNA upgrading Genetic Key Codes will leave You feeling more empowered and deeper connected to Your True Self.


The Tatau (=original tribal wording for sacred and ceremonial tattoo) we offer at Garden of Araina is based on the philosophy of the Yahrin Lineage. The Yahrin Intention is to help humanity rise within an Evolutionary Wisdom in order to gain a deeper connection within the Ever Evolving New Paradigm and Higher Potential that humanity can embrace towards Expansion in deeper Harmony on all levels, through the innovative Genetic Key Code Alchemy.

AhnėYah Yahrin is the world's pioneer initiator of the specific Yahrin Philosophy and offers this initiation in ARACEAE: The Araina Academy of Embodied Ascension for Evolution. In this Academy One can remember One's inherent connection to the Yahrin, and so become a Genetic Key Code Alchemist. ARACEAE is the only vortex on Earth which offers this initiation, therefor only True and Devoted Graduated Initiates of ARACEAE can offer Genetic Key Code Tatau. (see here for a list of certified GKCA Tatauists)

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