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Within Genetic Key Code Alchemy

Find below multiple Guidance Sessions given through

Genetic Key Code Alchemy; all within the Pure Purpose
To bring You Clarity, Peace and Advancement on Your
Sovereign and Self Empowered Path, upgrading

Your DNA into Ever More Essential Purity.

All Sessions are given by Ahneyah Divinity herself (Founder and Initiator of the Garden of Araina and Diamond Genetic Key Code Alchemy) or by Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemists, who have graduated from the Araina Academy of Ascension and so successfully have embodied the Diamond Consciousness within their Conscious Channel and Guidance Mastery.

To find the list of All Certified Genetic Key Code Alchemists; CLICK HERE.

All sessions are performed in Diamond Consciousness, combined with the Authentic Channel of the Diamond Genetic Key Code Alchemist; to choose the best Guidance for You; feel intuitively which Alchemist connects the deepest within Your Heart in this Now Moment.

We all are Honored to assist You upon Your Path and are looking forward to Connect within the Unified Heart,

Within Love & Gratitude,
The Araina Team