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Tatau Ceremony

Receive a Genetic Key Code Tattoo

  • 4 hours
  • €999 euros
  • Araina Sanctuary

Service Description

Experience the transformative power of the Tatau Ceremony at Garden of Araina. This sacred tattoo ceremony is a powerful tool for activating inner peace, raising your consciousness, uncovering blind spots, and embodying true authenticity. This ceremonial experience is perfect for anyone who wants to connect deeper within their essential inner self, expand and grow to the (ever evolving) next level, and create a deeper sense of balance in their life. Let us guide you on this transcending journey, for the Benefit of All That Is. Book your appointment today. IMPORTANT: The price of this session includes ONLY the first day of Your Ceremony, wherein You will receive Your Personal Genetic Key Code Reading, Your Chart and Your Araina Essence, and where we will decide upon Your specific Genetic Key Code tatau design and placement. >>> Every Tatau Ceremony hour will be an EXTRA 333euro ON TOP of this initial payment of 999euro. You should expect a minimum of 3 hours extra tatau ceremony time. For more info visit:

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