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Resonance Call with AhneYah Yahrin

See if working with AhnėYah Yahrin is a match made in Heaven

Service Description

Book a free 15-minute Resonance Call with AhnėYah Yahrin to explore the Garden's innovative and unique coaching and initiation programs. Her groundbreaking approach, using Genetic Key Code Alchemy, helps You unlock Your Higher Potential, Free Yourself from limitations, and Embody Your True Nature - in an efficient and effective process embedded in a sense of Ease and Grace. *** During this call, AhnėYah will move with You through Your core issue and provide You a possibility to come to resolution. This call is meant for those who are seriously interested in participating in One of AhnėYah's coaching programs or 1-on-1 initiations - she will give more clarity on how you could come to resolution and provide information on how her programs can help You achieve Your goals.

Cancellation Policy

AhnėYah Honors Your Time and Energy. Please Reflect the Respect by showing up on time; be a few minutes earlier to assure a smooth interaction. When You are more than 3 minutes late, AhnėYah will close the zoom and You will have to reschedule. Schedule this appointment in Your agenda and check Your email (or spam folder) to find the confirmation and zoom link. (This call is not a private session - it is a ways to see if there is Resonance, and if AhnėYah's coaching programs are fitting to Your Authentic Being.)

Contact Details

Lange Nieuwstraat 45/005, Antwerp, Belgium

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