Kaua'i Necklace

With Core Key Code of Harmony;
Oversees the Activation and Balancing of the Physical Body,
Connecting the One Heart within the Here*Now on Earth.


*** High Activational Jewelry ***

Wearing the Kaua'i Necklace of Harmony Will Connect
You with the Core of thé Bearthing & ReBirthing Centre
Of Our Earthly Realm: Kaua'i is the place where All Souls
Who Choose to incarnate in a Human Body pass through
First before the Soul Finds the Body, and vice versa; each
Soul that Passes the Physical Realm, goes back through
The Portal of Kaua'i in order to go to the Beyond in the
Non-physical. Wearing this nacklace will Connect You
With the Original Bearth Right, and the Natural Way
Of Human Being - Connected to the Central Sun
And the Core of Mother Earth; The One Heart.




Made of:
- Golden Mirror Acrylic in 
The shape of the Island of Kaua'i
- Laser Engraved Harmony Key Code
- Zirconia Diamond Heart Charm

- Size hanger: 1,7" by 1,9"
- 18k Gold Plated Chain

Made in:
Diamond Love
In Hawai'i, Kauai'
By AhnéYah Sophia,
And Infused within
Diamond Prayers
Before Shipped
Worldwide to
Your Heart.


History Zirconia Diamond:
Cubic Zirconia is a lab-grown gemstone, it is most commonly
Used as a Diamond Simulant. Developed during the 1970s in the

USSR, this sparkling stone was designed for use in military application

involving optics and lasers. This diamond look-alike is sometimes also

labeled "cubic zirconium", the name itself is a contradiction; Zirconium is a metal that, in its crystal form, becomes the tetragonal gemstone Zircon. Zircon itself is a zirconium silicate, while our favorite
diamond simulant is a zirconium oxide. Swap out the
silicon for the oxygen and guess what happens?
The tetragon suddenly crystalizes as
cubes instead! And Cubic
Zirconia is born.

Cubic Zirconia Metaphysical Properties:
Cubic Zirconia is believed to exhibit some of the same
Metaphysical properties as zirconium. Zirconium oxide (the base

powder used to create CZs) is abundant in lunar and asteroidal rock,
as well as being a byproduct of titanium processing. Zirconium is also

highly resistant to corrosion and is commonly used as alloy in artificial joints and medical implants. All of which affects the metaphysical

impacts of cubic zirconia;

Cubic Zirconia Activation:

- Improve Focus

- Increase Clarity

- Release the Ego

- Removes illusion & drains selfishness
- Banishes depression, anxiety and grief
- Assists in Separating the Significant from the Unimportant

- Called "the Stone of Practicality" ; beneficial for Grounding

- Balances the Body/Spirit - Spirit/Body Connection; Stabelizes
and Aligns You within spiritual and physical realms; helps to

become a vehicle for Spirit while Being in the Earthly Realm.

- Teaches Consistency "the Stone of Virtue"

- Promotes letting go of old love and opening to New

- Relates to the third eye, crown and solar plexus chakras

- Relieves pain, particularly menstrual discomforts
- Supports caffeine, tabacco and other drugs withdrawal:
   makes You resistant to temptation.
- Stimulates the liver and eliminates toxins
- Balances the Adrenal Glands when overtaxed with work or stress
- Drives away nightmares, encourages restful sleep
- Strengthens the Heart, re-encourages Trust
- Protects from enchantments & psychic attack

Kaua'i Necklace - Harmony


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