Arai'na Grand Meditation Cushion











Key Codes:
True Heart's Core Key Code
+ the 4 Core Key Codes of :
Focus - Love - Harmony - Creation


















This Giant Floor Cushion is made from a Suede Vision fabric,
which is wonderfully soft as well as being incredibly strong.
It is fire rated to ensure that your big floor
cushions are completely safe.

Your large floor cushions, UK made,
are designed with a zip, which allows you
to remove the inner lining with the poly beads.
This will then leave you with the Suede Vision
cushion cover. Suede Vision fabric can be
washed, on a low heat only, so you can
stick it in the machine at 30° or less.
It can also be tumble dried, but again
you need to make sure that this is on a
low heat. We would recommend hanging
to dry without wringing for best results.
Your cushion cover is iron and steam
safe should you need to remove
any creases after washing.


















Usable as:

- Floor Cushion
- Meditation seating
- ...


- Made from soft, fire rated, strong Suede Vision
- Inner lining filled with lightweight poly beads
- Removable cover which is washable at 30°






Size: 100cm x 100cm (40" square)















CoCreated with Contrado,
Made per order and shipped
Worldwide within 2-3 days












$550 + shipping


Grand Meditation Cushion

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  • This item is CoCreated with 'Contrado', a company from the United Kingdom. This item is made per order within 2-3 days and arrive at your doorstep within maximum 2 weeks !

    Contrado carefully makes and quality checks this item and ship it directly to You. They are a High Quality production house, and so far there have not been any complaints. If You would find Your Self unsatisfied with the delivered product, please send an email with picture attached to:

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