Equality Package




A set of 2 Golden Mirrors; Engraved with the
Diamond Genetic Key Codes of Respect and Honor.

Comes with an Instruction Guide and Exclusive Powerful
Meditation Prayer and Affirmation for each Key Code.





These Powerful Beings are Created

With Golden Mirror (Acrylic) & engraved

With the Key Codes of Respect & Honor
To Activate Your Being and Your

Environment Into The Diamond

Consciousness Frequencies, And

Call In the Assistance Of The Universe

To Guide You towards A True Sense of Equality;



Choosing To Work With This Package Will Not Only
Spread More Respect And Honor Within Our Collective
Experience - Through Allowing These Codes To Radiate
Their Essence Within Your Environment (They Have An
Activational Field Of Around 50m At First, And Upon
Consciously Working With Them More And More,
The Field Extends Exponentially Into Infinity) -
They Will Also Assist In ReBalancing Any
Field Of Dis-Ease Within Your Being
And Heart; As The External Is A
Reflection Of Our Individual
And Collective Internal;
If We Want To Heal The World,
We Need To Go Within and Heal Our Selves

On The Infinite Evolving Path Of ReMembering The One.

That Is The True Alchemy Which Brings About Miracles,
For The Highest Benefit Of ALL Beings, And Thus
Harmony, Equality, Peace & Understanding Will
Naturally Be Exchanged In Our CoCreation.


The Collective Core Wound Is Deep Within

All Of Us. These Are Times Of Tremendous Ascension;
Which Means That All that No Longer Serves Within Our Selves

& Within The Collective Is Being Squeezed Out While We Are Moving

ThroughThis Bearthing Channel Towards A Higher Consciousness.


The Unconscious Becomes Projected And So Causes More

Separation, The Conscious Becomes Wisdom When 

Accepted And Released. The Only Way Out Of
Separation Is To Go Inward And Embody
Deeper Respect And Honor To The
Unified Heart, In Every Breath.



There Are Many Ways To Reach
Deep Inner Peace - Genetic Key Code
Alchemy Is One Very Effective One Of Them.


Use These Codes/ Mirrors Simply As Home-Deco,
Or Deeper Within Conscious Meditation To Heal The
Core Wound And Radiate Your Diamond Awareness

Into The Collective CoCreative Experience.


We Are All In This To*Gather.






This Package Comes With A Prayer And
Affirmation For Each Code; For Conscious
Meditation And Deep Integration Of Divine

Equality Essence & Unity Consciousness.






Each seperate piece is Blessed for each

Seperate customer within Diamond Prayers

Of Sovereignty, Abundance, Higher Love, Joy,

Harmony & Happiness... And Divine Equality.






Comes with a small hole and chord with

Golden Hematite Beads to hang if so desired.





Size : 9,5" length - 5,5" width





We Ship WorldWide





Exchange: $222 + shipping


    Bearthed Within The Diamond Age,

    Designed For The Reclamation
    Of Your Natural BearthRight

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