RainbowEssence Engraved with the Key Code of "Compassion"




These Powerful Beings are Created with

RainbowEssence Mirror (Acrylic) & engraved

With the Diamond Key Code of Compassion

To Activate Your Being and Your Home

To The Diamond Consciousness, And

Call In the Assistance Of Quan Yin's
Divine Grace And Compassion To
Guide You Towards Acceptance
Of The Whole, and So Move

Forward In Life, Within True
Divine Grace; Building Bridges
To the New And Allowing For All
To Be Transmuted Towards Higher Love.





RainbowEssence Is A Powerful Frequency Which Allows
You To ReConnect With The Innocence Of Purity And
The Inner Child. It Brings Back Hope and Joy Within
Life And Creation. It Allows You To See All Colors
Of The Spectrum As Equal, As An Essential
Part Of The Whole; And Thus Activates
Compassion For All That Is, Was And
Has Been. RainbowEssence Brings
Back Curiosity Within Life's Experience
And Thus The Wonder Of 'The Beyond';
It Breaks Illusions And Allows The Heart To

Create Within Divine Abundance And Love.






Use as meditation tool, home decoration,
Water Activation (use as placemat), ...



Comes With Or Without Suncatcher;
Made From Pure Swarovski Crystals.

Choose Your Option In Checkout.





Each seperate piece is Blessed for each

Seperate customer within Diamond Prayers

Of Sovereignty, Abundance, Higher Love,

Joy, Harmony & Happiness - And True

Angelic Awareness.






Comes with attachement to hang

(with golden hematite beads)






Size : 10,8" diameter






We Ship WorldWide






Exchange: $250 + shipping
Or with Suncatcher: $330 + shipping

COMPASSION - RainbowEssence

Sun Catcher

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