Activate Your Home & Being With the Diamond Core Key Codes


*** High Activational Home Ware ***


The Diamond Genetic Key Codes

Are an amazing Gift to Humanity in these

Changing Times as they bring about instant

And effortless Healing and Transformation.

To step out of the old and into the NEW

Within Optimum Ease And Grace.


Simply having these Key Codes in Your

Home allows for obstacles to be Removed

and make space for Miracles: They Radiate

Frequencies of Dimensions Of Higher Love,

Abundance, Peace and Oneness.

Upgrading Your DNA to Better Health & Well Being.





There Are 48 Diamond Genetic Key Codes

Within the Araina Academy of Ascension.


This STARTER KIT Offers You a Pathway

Towards Deeper Illumination through



This Kit includes:


2,5" Round Golden Acrylic Mirror Templates,

Engraved with the 4 Core Key Codes which Serve in

Balancing Our Four Bodies into the One Diamond Heart:


* Core Key Code of Love - Balances & Embodies the Spiritual Body

* Core Key Code of Focus - Balances & Embodies the Emotional Body

* Core Key Code of Creation - Balances & Embodies the Mental Body

* Core Key Code of Harmony - Balances & Embodies the Physical Body


When All these four Bodies are Balanced, We Can Come Back Into

the One Unified Diamond Sacred Heart - The Essence Of Self,

The Essential Purity Of Our Natural Being.






How to use these Araina Temple Templates:


You can use them as decoration, As an addition to Your Crystal Altar,

Or as a Meditation Tool (hold them In Your Hands while Meditating)

These Beings come in a handy pocket size: So You can carry them

wherever You go, At work, out and about, or even under Your pillow

while you sleep; This Allows You to Stay Aligned With Source Energy

At All Times. They also make a Great Gift for any occasion!






Upon ordering there is an instruction guide included,

whichYou can follow, or you can use Your Inner

Intuition asTo how to set them up.






Home & Hand Made by AhnéYah on Kaua'i, Hawai'i,

Blessed in *Diamond Prayers Before shipped to Your Heart.





Made of:


Golden Mirror Acrylic

Comes in Gift Package with Instructions & Info per Code


Size:  2,5" round


Exchange: $123,- plus shipping


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