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Araina Silk Pillow Case - Transcendence

Araina Silk Pillow Case - Transcendence

Elevate the luxury and energetic vibration of Your bedroom with our Araina Silk Pillow Case - Transcendence.


Made from 100% pure silk, this pillow case is not only incredibly soft and smooth, yet also good for both Your skin and hair. Choosing a silk pillow case diminishes friction while You sleep, reducing wrinkels and hair breakage.

In addition to its practical benefits, this pillow case also features the Genetic Key Code of Transcendence, bringing a sense of the Beyond within Your bedtime routine.


By choosing to sleep with our Transcendence pillow case, You are actively engaging in self care and beauty, promoting a conscious luxury lifestyle that focuses on both inner and outer wellness.


Benefits Genetic Key Code of Transcendence:

- Allows One to break through limitations and See Beyond
- Ignites Masterful Remembrance

- Allows One to transmute, transform and transcend

- ReIgnites One's Passion to be within Essential Service

- Activates One's Mission in Authentic Mastery

- Reconnects One within the Essence

- Promotes insightful sleep

- ...


Size: 74cm x 48cm / 29" x 19"

Material: 100% Pure Silk



With the power to elevate the vibration of Your bedroom, this pillow case is the perfect addition to any luxury linen collection, offering both comfort and spiritual support in one beautiful package.


Experience the divine serenity of sleeping with the angels and take Your self-care routine to new heights with our Araina Silk Pillow Case - Transcendence.

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