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Araina Purity Station - Gold - Ivory

Araina Purity Station - Gold - Ivory

Gold Mirror (acrylic) engraved with the Genetic Key Code of Essential Purity. Custom wooden frame stained in ivory.

Available in 2 sizes:


  • Size mirror with frame: 20cm / 7.6" diameter
  • Frame width: 2.5mm / 1"
  • Frame thickness: 9mm / 3/8"


  • Size mirror with frame: 29cm / 11.5"
  • Frame width: 3cm / 1.1"
  • Frame thickness: 9mm / 3/8"


Lightweigth and durable.

100% eco friendly materials.


Comes as placemat with rubber feet or as mirror with hanging attachment.

Home made by AhnėYah Yahrin and blessed within Essential Prayers for each individual customer.

Shipped worldwide.




Introducing the Araina Purity Station in Bronze, a beautifully crafted piece made using 100% eco-friendly materials.


This homemade station is imbued with the Genetic Key Code of Essential Purity, making it a powerful tool for those seeking to raise their vibration and promote quantum healing.


The Purity Station is designed to purify and clear the energy of any space it occupies, as well as anything you place upon it, enhancing the energetic environment of your home.


Specifically designed for the safekeeping of Araina Essences, this versatile station can also be used for any other purpose, making it a must-have for those practicing Inner Alchemy and seeking to amplify the positive energy within their living spaces.



How to use the Araina Purity Station:


  • Purity Protection station for the Araina Essences: keep Your Araina Essences activated in the most pure vibration for eternity
  • Purifying and clearing station for crystals, gemstones, essential oils, jewelry, …
  • Upgrading placemat/coaster for water, liquids, …
  • Activational mirror for ceremonial/shamanic uses and mirror meditation
  • Feng shui home decor
  • Crystal grid 
  • Altar decor
  • ...
  • CARE

    Care for Your Araina Mirror through keeping it out of moisture.

    Acrylic mirrors are much lighter than normal mirrors, and practically unbreakable. However they are not scratch-free. Be careful in cleaning Your mirror; use the same products as You would use to clean Your glasses or computer screens.
    In the case of scratches, You can use "Quixx Xerapol Acrylic Scratch Remover" to gently remove them.

PriceFrom 399,00€
Excluding Tax
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