* Diamond Genetic Key Code of Truth *

Lime Wood Plywood




The diamond Genetic Key Code of Truth assists in and activates the Standing Firm within One's Essential True Nature Here*Now, for the benefit of All That Is. Opens One's Channel to receive One's True Gift Embodied on Earth.


How to use this placemat:

* Water Purifier: use as placemat for Your water bottle/jar/...
* Food Purifier: use as placemat for Your Divine Meals
* Space Activation: Wall Decoration;
the Code can radiate naturally through the room.
* Altar Piece: Use as placemat for Your Crystal Grid,
Activate Your Essential Oils, Or any itmes You feel guided to.
* Or any other Way Your Intuition feels guided to.



Calibrates at 999 LOC;

Radically upgrades Your food & liquids:

Brings Puradyme from 599 to 650
Brings Supercells from 599 to 650-700
Brings Your local organic food up to 540 and beyond
Brings Distilled water up to 700


Size: 8" diameter - 1/4" thickness

Comes with anti-slip feet

Made of Natural Lime Wood Plywood

Hand & Home Made by AhnėYah on Kaua'i,
And Blessed in Diamond Prayers before
Sent out to Your Hands & Heart.


Araina Placemat - Truth


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