Araina Meditation Puzzle - Love Here Now

Araina Meditation Puzzle - Love Here Now

Araina Meditation Puzzle


Design: Love Here Now:

Diamond Genetic Key Code of Diamond Heart
combined with Universal Language to Ground
In the Presence of Higher Love, Here*Now.




Train Your Brain with an expert level puzzle.

Allow Your Self to Be Here Now, let go of the past and the future for a moment and simply focus on what Is Now. Puzzling helps in stilling the mind and breathing in the Now.




This piece holds the Diamond Heart Key Code;
a Diamond Genetic Key Code which activates the Diamond Consciousness; the enlightened state of Unity within the All - It protects One from negative energies (calibrating at 999LOC) and allows for One to Breathe Deeply from and through the Unified Heart Space, into the All, for the Benefit of All That Is.


It is combined with Universal Language, which strengthens the energy of the Diamond Heart Key Code and anchors it in to the Here*Now with strong Divine Feminine Energy.




Available in 2 sizes:

- 500 pieces: 13" x 18.5"

- 1000 pieces: 26" x 17.3"


Material: High Gloss Cartboard




Comes with a beautiful printed tin box for storage.




Can be used as art print also! After finishing the puzzle, you can frame it and keep the tin box to store Your Treasures.




Lovingly CoCreated with Contrado - made per order and shipped by them.


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